Bromley Services, 22.03.21

Carlton Parade

On 22 March 2021, we enjoyed a virtual visit to our Bromley Services.

We were welcomed by Lorraine Regan, Service Director, Kemi Mateola, Clinical Director, Catherine Seabourne, Head of Nursing and Grace John-Baptiste, Head of Social Care.

The directorate provides the following services in the Bromley borough: Community Mental Health Services for working age adults and older adults, a Memory Service, Acute and Crisis Services including inpatient wards for working age adults and older adults, a Home Treatment Team, Psychiatric Liaison Team, Early Intervention in Psychosis team.

It also hosts two trust-wide services: Perinatal Mental Health and ADHD team.

The following Governors attended

Margaret Cunningham, Public Governor, Bromley
Liz Moss, Public Governor, Bromley
Sue Hardy, Public Governor, Bexley
Sue Sauter, Public Governor, Bexley
Les Clark, Public Governor, Greenwich
Ray Warburton, Public Governor, Rest of England

Our Governors said...

"The Service Director update was really interesting and very useful in understanding the services provided in Bromley. For me, as a new governor, it was the exactly right level of detail, and very well presented by all the presenters."
Les Clarke, Public Governor, Greenwich