What are NHS Foundation Trusts (FTs)?

FTs are fully part of the NHS.  As such, all our services are based on need; not the ability to pay.

FTs are membership organisations. Our members are local people and staff who want to play a part in the future of our FT. We have a Council of Governors, made up of service users, carers, staff and local people, elected by members and appointed by local partner organisations.

FTs have financial freedoms which means we can borrow and use surplus cash to reinvest in new services, equipment and innovations. We are regulated by Monitor, to ensure we comply with strict governance and financial rules.

As a FT we have greater freedom to develop our services in line with the specific needs of our local communities. The trust has more control of its financial management so funds are directed to where they are required most.

Members and governors are central to strong governance arrangements and ensuring greater accountability of FTs. Our patients, service users and local people can play a direct and meaningful role to influence the future of our services.

What are the benefits of FT status?

As a FT, we are able to place a greater focus on understanding and meeting the needs of our service users, based on what our local members and governors tell us is most important.

We have the freedom to make innovations in our services and can manage our finances more effectively. We can also make better governance arrangements, offering enhanced accountability to patients, local people and the community.