Being responsive

Gold: Bexley District Nursing Out of Hours Service

The Out of Hours District Nursing service provides expert nursing support to patients in their home from 5pm until 7am every day. They support patients to enable them to stay at home, for example people who need insulin who cannot administer it themselves and palliative care supporting patients to die comfortably ay home with their families. Demand for their support changes on a daily basis as they respond to emergencies with end of life care patients. According to the senior manager who nominated them: "Their skills in pain management and compassion have resulted in many compliments to the service."

"The team are committed to providing high quality care in an efficient manner and have been actively engaged in the productive ward and found that by redesigning their working area they were able to save several hours a week which they are now able to use as clinical time."

"The team are always positive and even when the demands on the service are great they are able to continue to smile and remain positive. This is certainly attributed to Anita and Anne who manage the Twilight service. Their leadership certainly inspires the staff within the team as they always look to find the right solution for whichever problem they are presented with."

Silver: Sarah Littlejohn and Joe Torap, Bexley Recovery Team

Sarah and Joe have been pivotal in the setting up of the new Clozapine clinic at the Bexleyheath Centre which has made this service more efficient and brought real benefits for service users. The clinic uses new high tech equipment which enables vital blood samples to be taken with the results provided instantly showing whether medication can be dispensed. For patients, the great advantage of the new service is that the whole process has been speeded up and made more comfortable. Previously they had to go to their local pathology service for a blood test. Results took 24 hours and were sent to the Oxleas pharmacy and then to the service. Patients prescribed Clozapine need to go through this process every two to four weeks. Now they are able to have their blood tested and their medication administered in one short appointment.

Following the tests they move to an adjoining room for health checks where patients are weighed, their blood pressure taken and any side effects are monitored are discussed.

One colleague said: "Sarah worked very hard and out of hours to develop the clinic. She went to visit established clinics, did research, liaised with the drug company, pharmacy, managers and clients.

"Sarah is always calm and approachable and is a valuable resource for the recovery team".

Bronze: Lyndhurst District Nursing Team

The Lyndhurst District Nursing Team provides planned and unplanned care for housebound patients. They were nominated by several patients and carers. A selection of the comments follow:

"Always cheerful, professional and extremely helpful."

"They are excellent, always kind, always happy, and nothing is too much bother and they make my day when they come in. I am very grateful for what they do, I look forward to seeing them and I love them."

"I don't know how I could manage without their help. They really are a wonderful team who deserve to be recognised".

"Never a day goes by when I don't feel a debt of gratitude to such a wonderful team of dedicated nurses....It is my greatest wish that they are recognised for the 2012 awards."

One patient came into their care when she was discharged from hospital with a fracture in her back and a pressure sore. In her nomination she wrote how the team helped her using high tech wound dressings; "Mandy organised for me to have the Advance Negative Pressure Wound. I was the first person in Kent to try it with wonderful results."