Gold: Sue White

Sue has recently retired from her position as the lead nurse in the Greenwich Memory Service, where she had worked with people with dementia and their carers since the service began in the 1990s. Sue set up a carers' education group and played a key role in setting up the drop-in reminiscence café.

One carer said: "Sue was my husband's CPN. I couldn't have asked for a more dedicated person to deal with any problems that had arisen."

A colleague said: "Sue often goes beyond what is expected of her job role to ensure that clients and carers receive the support, advice and information they need to cope with either having dementia or living with someone who has dementia.

"Sue always ensures the needs of the person with dementia are fully considered and is the embodiment of compassionate and person centred care. As her colleagues we have all had repeated experiences of receiving unprompted praise and gratitude for her input from service users and carers.

"Sue has been tireless in her commitment and dedication to the service users and working very long hours to ensure that these people receive the best possible care, guidance and information."

Greenwich CAMHS Under Fives Team

The Under 5s Team in Greenwich CAMHS is a small team of three primary mental health workers providing targeted support to vulnerable children under five years old.

They provide important prevention work in the early years as more often than not children are referred to our CAMHS services later in childhood for problems which started when they were under five.

They offer outreach work, taking a CAMHS service to help families at children's centres. They run an under 5s family therapy clinic and have developed innovative techniques to enhance communication with very young children such as using glove puppets. In addition to this they run successful parenting workshops; behaviour management workshops for early years workers; attachment workshops; and baby brain workshops.

The service manager they were nominated by said: "There are few under 5s teams in CAMHS nationwide, and I am very proud and pleased to nominate this team who work tirelessly to promote and support early intervention. I am equally proud that they have formed very solid relationships with partner agencies, especially Sure Start Children's Centres who are at the hub of support for young people in Greenwich."

Jenny Fletcher, Bexley Learning Disability Team

Jenny was nominated for the support she provides to a colleague, Linda, who has a learning difficulty which made it difficult for her to complete her mandatory training. A colleague said: "Jenny has worked closely with Linda and colleagues from Learning and Development to ensure that Linda receives her training in a format she can understand and retain. This has involved developing easy read information which is kept in a training file, which Linda can refer to at any time." Linda also made a nomination and said: "Jenny has made my training easier for me to read."