Leading and inspiring

Gold: Simon Sherring, Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich early intervention teams

Simon Sherring manages the Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich teams for Early Intervention in Psychosis.

He was nominated by entire Bromley team who said: "Simon quite simply has time for everyone. He is able to encourage his team individually and as a whole with his kind and compassionate nature. Simon is able to get the best out of his team with the way he nurtures each individual's personal talent and best abilities. He is very thoughtful and constantly willing to put his team forward.

"Simon is a very approachable manager and always ensures he carries out regular clinical supervision with every member of his team. Should anyone have any concerns or fears, Simon is able to settle them with his pro-active approach without making individuals feel inadequate or second best.

"Between all of us we have years of experience and have never come across a manager like Simon. His non-judgemental positive regard for all he has contact with is a trait we hope to be able to emulate. A manager that inspires and acknowledges the uniqueness of each of us, whose practice is transparent, inclusive and accepting, is truly worthy of this award. Simon is also a bag of knowledge ‘ask him, it's quicker than google.'

"In all my working career, I have never worked with a team leader who has had such a potent combination of personal, professional and clinical skills."

Another nominator said about Simon: "His compassion for everyone from service users and their families through to staff he manages is unrivalled. His energy levels are huge, despite managing three teams across the boroughs, and studying for a PHD as well as publishing articles on leadership and balancing this with family life.

"Simon is one of the few managers I have had the pleasure of working with during my career who is liked by all who he manages and comes in contact with, yet he is able to ensure that the teams he manages are able to perform at a consistently high level.

"I have witnessed Simon in team meetings regularly, rather than directing staff to what they should do he encourages them to develop strategies themselves and to have the confidence to initiate them."

Silver: Caroline Costin, Goddington Ward, Green Parks House

Caroline has managed a well run ward for a number of years now and the quality of patient care is very high. She has led improvements to care planning and has also been running a Carers Forum for Green Parks House now for some years.

One nominator told us: "Goddington Ward was only one of a couple of wards in Oxleas to achieve AIMS accreditation status and Caroline took a large Leadership role in this process." AIMS is a standards based accreditation programme designed to improve the quality of care in inpatient mental health wards.

He continued: "Caroline is very much a "hands on" Ward manager and prides herself on knowing her patients and their relatives/carers well."

Another nominator wrote about Caroline: "She has an unbeatable record in carrying out staff supervision."

Bronze: Julia Vater, Social Inclusion Team

Julia was nominated by the social inclusion team where she worked as a volunteer for 18 months in a role as Events coordinator. She has also volunteered in the trust Membership Office.

Julia planned and ran two big events to support the work of the social inclusion team. The Work and Job Fair in September 2011 and the Health Festival in May 2012. The nominator wrote: "Both events have engaged significant number of local stakeholders to work in partnership including third sector agencies, staff, volunteers and employers.

"Her efficiency and tenacity has ensured all events have been delivered expertly with positive feedback from all sectors and adding a real positive edge to Oxleas community participation profile. If I was in the position to set up an events management company Julia would be the first on my staff list."

Approximately 150 people attended the Oxleas Work and Job Fair with five individuals secured paid employment directly as a result of the event.

Over 400 visitors attended the Health Festival and feedback was extremely positive. 55% responded that the event was excellent and 40% rated the event as very good.

Iain Dimond, Director of Complex Needs and Recovery Mental Health Services said: "I just wanted to say thank you for the remarkable job that you did in organising Tuesday's festival. You pulled it off with such calm efficiency that I really think that you may have found a niche for yourself in organising such large events!"

Russell Cartwright, Head of Communications: "I attended the Health and Wellbeing event and was hugely impressed at how slick it was. A huge amount of work goes into organising an event such as this and Julia clearly did a wonderful job. There was a fantastic array of activities and truly was something for everyone. All of the volunteers involved were well prepared and knew exactly what their role was. There was a real buzz from the huge number of participants and everyone that I spoke to was very positive. This is a true example of a volunteer adding real value and making a real difference to our service users and carers."