Other nominations

Staff Recognition Awards 2012 stars

90 Shrewsbury Lane
The team were nominated by a family and service user for making them feel welcome and wanted, and helping them to settle in. Staff who also nominated the team said they go out of their way to provide positive and productive care, including to people with complex needs.  

Abisha Nyabango, Greenwich Recovery Team
Abisha was nominated for being supportive and encouraging to his patients.

Ainsley Williams, Maryon Ward, Oxleas House
As a recent addition to the team on Maryon Ward, Ainsley is making a big impact. He proactively supports clients who risk delayed discharge because of housing and benefit problems and has used his initiative in teaching social skills to clients. 

Amy Riggs, Charlton School
Amy, a newly qualified learning disability nurse, developed and implemented a transition pathway for staff at Charlton School to use to ensure students receive a 16+ health action plan and communicate this with the student's GP so they can register this on their clinical system. Amy has also presented this work at a national conference. 

Anne Bannon, Green Parks House
Anne was nominated for all the work she has done for and with people at Green Parks House and Credo. The nominator said she has: "been an inspiration to people like myself who have suffered mental illness episodes in their life." Another service user whose journey to recovery took her from being suicidal to becoming an artist and an active member of Credo also nominated Anne who helped her to rebuild her life and find a new sense of identity.

Anne Cook, Bexley Recovery Team
Anne was nominated by a service user for always treating her with dignity and respect, ensuring her medication is always given on time and supporting her into activities and education. The nominator said that Anne is: "a truly remarkable nurse, dedicated to her profession."

Atherly Gilgeous, Bromley Home Treatment Team
Atherly (and his colleague Barbara Samuels) developed a carers education programme in Bromley. He was nominated by a colleague for this work, ensuring the needs of carers are met and also increasing the profile of the Home Treatment Team.

Atlas House staff and multidisciplinary team
The team at Atlas House was nominated for the outstanding person centred care it provides, the positive effect this has had on patient experience and how this contributed to a good result from a CQC inspection and accreditation to AIMS (Accreditation for Inpatient Mental Health Services).

Avery Ward, Oxleas House
A patient nominated the staff on Avery Ward for always making them feel comfortable and for their outstanding commitment to patients. They were always friendly, professional and respectful.

Barbara Samuels, Bromley Early Intervention Team
Barbara has been nominated for all the work she has done to support carers in Bromley, including the support she has given the Early Interventions Team to support carers.

Beth Williams and Melanie Callaghan, Greenwich Community Health Services
Beth and Melanie were nominated for championing Olympics planning in Greenwich Community Health Services, including developing business continuity plans, assurance frameworks and planning and running scenario testing workshops.

Betts Ward Team, Green Parks House
Betts Ward, especially Miranda, Naz and Maureen, were nominated because they are fair, listen and care.

Bexley Crisis Team
The team was nominated for being supportive of each other and working to its strengths.

Bexley Dispersed Intensively Supported Housing (DISH) Team
The Bexley DISH team was nominated because of the hard work they have put into improving the service over the last few years, including becoming a 24 hour service. The team has successfully implemented a Clozapine clinic, which means service users can now collect medication and have blood tests on the same day.

Bexley Learning Disability Community Nurse Team
Nominated by a service user who said members of the team are always kind, caring and treat me with a lot of respect.

Bexley Older People Mental Health Administration Team
The team has picked up new data processes well, improved members written and verbal communication skills and become more consistent in its approach to administrative processes, whist not compromising on the service it provides to patients.

Bexley Podiatry team
A service user nominated the team because: "they keep my feet in good shape."

Bexley Recovery Team
The team was nominated by a student for providing excellent patient centred care and making her learning experience extremely positive.

Bexley Short Term Intervention Administration Team
The team were nominated for their "professionalism, kindness and generosity.”

Bracton Centre Reception staff
The reception staff at the Bracton Centre was nominated because it is: "extremely hardworking and committed", providing a professional support service to all services and wards at the Bracton Centre.

Bracton Centre secretaries (administration team)
The team was nominated for all of the outstanding work it does to support all staff at the Bracton Centre, including the directorate's management team and ward teams. One nominator praised the additional roles and responsibilities it has taken on recently.

Brenda West, Greenwich Complex Needs Recovery Service
Brenda was nominated by a service user at Shrewsbury House for her "friendly attitude" and because she is “always smiling".

Bromley Community Learning Disability Team
The team was nominated for their work on a project with South London Healthcare NHS Trust (SLHT) to improve the experience of people with a learning disability that are admitted to Princess Royal University Hospital. The project raised awareness amongst SLHT staff enabling them to respond more quickly to the needs of people with a learning disability.

Bromley Early Intervention Team
The team was nominated for "being relentlessly client focused in all it does" and for reflecting "all that is special about Oxleas as a place to work and to be cared for as a client or supported as a carer."

Bromley Music Group
The Bromley Music Group was nominated for consistently providing a creative non-judgemental space where service users and staff can socialise and make music together on an equal basis. The group has recently recorded its second CD and members have gone on to join choirs and record their own material.

Bromley Older Adults Liaison Team
This temporary team was nominated for how quickly it came together and developed a service, screening patients, carrying out assessments, aiding discharges and referring to appropriate services. The work of the team has led to the development of a 24 hour liaison team.

Bromley Recovery East Team
The team was nominated for being the first community mental health team to implement and introduce the Productive Community Services (PCS) programme in the trust.

Bromley Recovery East Team Administration
The team was nominated for the invaluable support it provides to the clinical team. The nominator said: "The whole admin team is very approachable, efficient, carefully prioritise the work and make sure that patients' care and safety is not compromised."

Caroline Fry, Greenwich Community Assessment and Rehabilitation Service
Caroline was nominated for all of the hard work and dedication she has shown. The nominator said: "She has supported clinicians, admin staff and clients with measures of expertise and humour."

Caroline Pickup, Bexley Rehabilitation and Adult Placement Team
One nominator described Caroline as "going beyond the call of duty to make sure her clients get all the support and encouragement to do their best."

Cecilia Gounder, Crayford Centre
Cecilia was nominated because of the exceptional care and support she provides to people at the Crayford Centre. One nominee said: "I am quite sure without Cecilia's compassion and excellent professional care during this period I would have suffered a long period of sick leave and possibly a spell in hospital."

Celia Spencer, Oxleas House
Celia is a receptionist at Oxleas House and always provides a warm, smiley and welcoming reception to people. Celia was praised for providing an excellent first impression.

Chris Dalton, Bexley Recovery Team
Chris was nominated by a service user for "surpassing all my expectations and experiences as my CPN" and being "informative, resourceful, sincere, friendly and always at the end of the phone whatever my needs."

Chris Naiken, Bracton Centre
Chris was nominated by a colleague for leading improvements in patient safety, patient experience and quality. The nominator said: "His approach to leadership is about inspiring and challenging others to constantly improve and develop both themselves and their services."

Christine Kenney, Tissue Viability Nurse in Greenwich
Nominated by a colleague for the exemplary work she does treating and advising others on pressure ulcers.

Christine Rawlings and Ann Buxton, Greenwich Community Health Services
Christine and Ann were nominated for the work they did to pilot and implement the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) for patients at the end of their lives in Greenwich.

Colin Cope, Estates and Facilities
Colin was nominated for the role he played in restoring and modernising Memorial Hospital, particularly the Rowntree Centre and ensuring the space is better for staff and service users alike.

Crayford Centre
The team at the Crayford Centre was nominated for being calm, professional and approachable.

Danson Clinic, Bracton Centre
A service user nominated the Danson Clinic team for the "exceptional contributions" it has made to the lives of residents, the team's "thoughtfulness, humanity, flexibility, clarity and constancy" and "ability to motivate residents."

Data team - Public Health Community Nursing
The team was nominated for the support it has provided to all staff in Public Health Community Nursing in using RiO and capturing accurate data.

David Shaer, Adult Complex Needs and Recovery Services
David is an "inspiration to those he leads" and an "ambassador of quality care and services."

Dawn Argent
Dawn is a service user who sits on the trust's User Carer Council and is a member of the trust's Editorial Group and Greenwich 'Sounding Board' Service User Forum. She has recently completed recruitment and selection training and now represents service users on interview panels. Dawn was nominated for all of the work she does to improve the experience of other service users.

Day Treatment Service - Bromley
The team was nominated for the "kindness, humanity, care, support and professionalism" it shows to service users. One nominator said team members would: "have no concerns and indeed be pleased for a friend of mine to be helped by the day service team."

Diabetes Service, Greenwich Long Term Conditions
A newly expanded team, it has been successful expanding the caseload and clinics service to reach patients closer to home. It offers a 'one stop shop', working alongside colleagues from other long term condition services to deliver multi-disciplinary care.

Dr Adrian Treloar, Older People Mental Health Services
Dr Treloar was nominated for being "a hard working, kind hearted and conscientious doctor."

Dr Andrew Flynn, Bexley Learning Disability Team
A service user nominated Dr Flynn for being a good doctor and making him feel happy when he sees him.

Dr Fabian Davis, Yeoman House
That Oxleas has the reputation it does when it comes to social inclusion is down to, in no small part, the work that Fabian has advocated and put in place over the years, says his nominator. He is someone that inspires others to work harder to ensure that clients are more fully involved in all parts of the service.

Dr Godarzian Nazila, Hazelwood Unit
Dr Naz was nominated by a service user for being kind, considerate and polite.

Dr Ignatius Loubser, Peter Coxall, Lawrence Young, Ashley Honeyman, Woodlands Unit
The four were nominated by a service manager for their invaluable contribution to the carers' groups at Woodlands.

Dr John Abraham, Bromley Recovery West Team
The partner of a service user nominated Dr Abraham for being "the best psychiatrist my partner has had" and keeping him well.

Dr Michael Gibbs, Primary Dental Care Service
Dr Gibbs was nominated for providing 30 years of dedicated service to the community dental service. The nominator said that Dr Gibbs is very dedicated to his patients and shares his clinical knowledge with his peers.

Dr Phil Steadman, Greenwich Recovery Team
Dr Steadman was nominated by some of his service users. The overall consensus in the nominations was that Dr Steadman was a caring, professional and approachable clinician. One nominator said: "Since I have been seeing Dr Steadman my health and family situation has been better. My family and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done."

Dr Ravi Pratel and the Milbrook Ward Team, Woodlands Unit
Ravi and the team were nominated by a service user who said that they had helped him recover from suicidal depression. He said: "The support has been endless and so welcoming on the path to a normal lifestyle. My stay in Millbrook Ward was the best thing that's happened to me and the dedication of all the staff there was so strong."

Dr Simon Wilson and Dr Alexandra Getz, Hazlewood Unit
Dr Wilson and Getz were nominated for the high quality care and treatment they provide, for their understanding of the needs of their patients and the support they provide to them.

Dyanand Boodram, Oxleas House
Dyanand was nominated for going above and beyond the role of a bed manager, acting as a liaison between Oxleas House and supported accommodation, routinely visiting providers to review the standard of accommodation and care packages on offer. One nominator said of Dyanand: "He is a credit to the [nursing] profession and deserves to be recognised."

Early Intervention Team - Greenwich
The team was nominated by a service user's parent for the care and compassion it showed his son, including supporting him to become independent, with advice on housing and support to socialise with others.

Editorial Group, Communications Team
This group of service users and carers was nominated for the work it does to ensure that information for service users and carers is suitable, written in plain English, structured logically, clear and relevant. The group has developed impressive skills in doing this and a wealth of knowledge about Oxleas services.

Eileen Masterton and Harpreet Gill, Bexleyheath Centre
Eileen and Harpreet set up a psychoeducation group for carers of people with borderline personality disorders in Bexley. The group has been very successful and feedback from carers in Bexley has been very positive.

Elaine Blackmore, Fairfield Health Centre
Elaine supports the Integrated Complex Ward Care Team based at Fairfield Health Centre in Charlton.  Without her hard work the team would fail to function effectively according to her nominator.

Elizabeth Brewer, Greenwich Time to Talk
Nominated by a service user, Elizabeth is part of the Greenwich Time to Talk team. With her soft tranquil voice she is described as an amazing lady, professional, with a calming personality.

Elizabeth Nash, Public Health Community Nursing Service
Health Visitor Liz Nash is described by her foster carer nominator as friendly and concerned and with the highest level of professionalism. Her hard work and diligence recently ensured a good outcome for one young boy helping to reverse a previous decision about the boy which now means he has a bright future.

Emma Condren, Greenwich Time to Talk
The service user who received cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) nominated Emma and said that she had been very supportive. She said she had seen Emma almost weekly and that she was always encouraging and never reproachful.

Fintan Brassil, Oaktree Lodge
Fintan is a Modern Matron at Oaktree Lodge at Memorial Hospital. The service user who nominated him said: "I wish to thank him for the way he has helped my family." She went on to say that she very much appreciated his kindness at all times.

Francis Adzinku, Adult Acute Mental Health Services
As manager of Greenwich Acute Services Francis has been described as "an excellent leader" and a man who demonstrates compassion for staff, clients and carers alike.

Frederica Joseph, Greenwich Recovery Team
Frederica is well known for organising social events like disco nights and themed events for clients, carers and staff. She has been a driving force behind The Relating Game project, which provides inclusion for clients and their families.

Gilly Paton, Woodlands
An Occupational Therapist at the Woodlands Unit at Queen Mary's, Sidcup, Gilly has developed new ways of working, overcome obstacles and kept the service running during a very difficult time of long-term staff absence. Her manager said: "She has been a wonderful role model."

Greenwich Children's Speech and Language Therapy Services Team
The team developed multi-disciplinary school based feeding clinics for children with complex needs who have feeding/swallowing difficulties. The clinics have reduced 'do not attend' rates and have received excellent feedback from parents.

Greenwich Children's Therapy Team Managers
The team managers of music therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy were nominated for a patient experience tool they worked together to develop for all four therapies to use - that truly measures the child's perception of the service they have received, rather than their parents.

Greenwich Community Assessment and Rehabilitation Service Administration Team
The team were nominated for how admirably it has coped through an integration with social services staff, particularly how it has picked up new processes, changes in personnel and reporting demands. It was also nominated for the support it provides to staff in the service, making it much easier for clinicians to do their jobs.

Greenwich Community Development Workers
The team was nominated for being instrumental in Oxleas achieving its black and minority ethnic (BME) Commissioning for Quality Improvements (CQUIN) targets, identifying and developing relationships with BME community groups creating opportunities for partnership working in the future.

Greenwich Day Treatment Team's Psycho-educational workshop group
This group was nominated for the work it does to bridge the gap between hospital and home for people with borderline personality disorders.

Greenwich Infant Feeding Advisors
The infant feeding advisors were nominated for the instrumental role they played in achieving Unicef Baby friendly level 3 accreditation.

Greenwich Integrated Complex Wound Care Team
The team comprises wound care podiatry, tissue viability and lower limb nursing. It was nominated by a podiatrist for providing a high quality integrated service that has achieved positive patient satisfaction levels.

Greenwich Joint Emergency Team (JET)
JET is a multidisciplinary team of health and social care staff, providing swift holistic assessment and management of clients that require urgent intervention within 24 hours of referral, responding to all urgent referrals within two to four hours.

Greenwich Older People's Acute Hospital Liaison Team (Queen Elizabeth Hospital)
This team is based at Brook House on the Queen Elizabeth site. It works to promote the recognition and good management of mental health issues surrounding older people. It has excellent relationships with acute hospital colleagues.

Greenwich Public Health Community Nursing
In the last year, the team has worked hard to prepare for the Health Visitor Implementation Plan, which paves the way for increasing health visitor capacity in the community. The team has also won Stage 3 UNICEF Baby Friendly accreditation, recognising the high levels of breastfeeding advice achieved in Greenwich.

Greenwich Public Health Community Nursing Service, School Nurse Teams
The school nurse teams support each other and work in partnership with local schools and parents, contributing to increased knowledge about healthy weights and lifestyles for children.

Greenwich Recovery Team
A long list of people working with the Recovery Team, Greenwich at The Heights, Charlton, were nominated by a service user, who said: "They are all excellent at their jobs." 

Hamid Ghazzali, Greenwich Recovery Team
A care coordinator based at The Heights in Charlton, Hamid was described by his service user nominator as: "The inspiration to change my lifestyle for the better." Hamid is best known for organising football sessions for clients.

Harry Hunter, Bexley Recovery Team
A member of the Bexley Recovery Team, Harry was nominated by two service users. One said that Harry continued to visit her even when she was in hospital not in the area. Harry was praised for his attitude to detail: punctuality; returning phone calls promptly and giving of his time.

Helen Day, Greenwich Public Health Community Nursing
Helen has been described as an outstanding line manager and brilliant team leader by her nominator. Assistant Head of Public Health Community Nursing, Helen, was praised for being professional, understanding and fair.

Helen Garrod, Green Parks House
Helen has worked hard to bring dance workshops to Green Parks House for both inpatients and day patients in the hope it will spark an interest in the art of dance and as a social inclusion tool.

Home Treatment Team Bromley
The team offer an alternative to hospital admission for many patients. As a small team it has consistently delivered quality service to patients and this is evidenced in the review of satisfaction questionnaire clients completed.

Iris Foster, Greenwich Short Breaks Service
Healthcare assistant, Iris, works with children at Wensley Close in Eltham. She has a rapport with the children and families she works with. Her manager said: "When Iris is around, the children seem more animated and communicative."

Itai Chikomo, Blean Grove
Itai has worked tirelessly and demonstrated outstanding care through his work to initiate a carers group, specifically to support and care for relatives and carers of service users with some of the most challenging diagnoses.

Janice Algar, Bexley Learning Disability Team
A mother whose son is a service user said she thought Janice's nursing career is more of a vocation - because she really cares. A Community Learning Disability Nurse, Janice's cheery countenance and big smile always shine through.

Janice Williamson, Greenwich Recovery Team
Janice was nominated for her work at the OJI Drop-in centre in Plumstead. Her nominator said Janice's dedication has hugely helped the Black Minority and Ethnic (BME) group in the area.

Jayanthi Perera, Atlas House
A service user said of Atlas House based Jayanthi that she is kind, very understanding and "helps me get better. She sits down and listens to me."

Jill Standing, Bexley Health Visiting Service
Outreach worker Jill Standing always makes the extra effort to offer families a good service. A colleague described her as being always adaptable.

Joanne Hewagama, Woodlands Unit
An excellent role model is how one of Joanne's nominators described her. She has implemented many changes as Charge Nurse on Lesney Ward at the Woodlands Unit in Sidcup in a sensitive manner. She was also nominated for supporting her team and showing real empathy to patients.

Joanne Neal and Cassandra Fairweather, Psychological Therapies, Memorial Hospital
Joanne and Cassandra both work for Greenwich Psychotherapy Service. They were nominated by a service user who said they are both polite and professional and treat service users as human beings.

Joe Nhemachena, Nursing and Governance
Joe has worked tirelessly training and supporting staff from the trust's wards and community team to adopt the productive series programme from the NHS Institute. He has excellent communication skills and a manner which has won him many supporters from all around the trust, says his nominator.

John French, Yeoman House
A Community Psychiatric Nurse, John, was nominated by a service user who said: "John has been a wonderful caring CPN and helped me to understand more about my mental illness."

John Kelly, Complex Needs Recovery Service
John is Operational Manager, Greenwich Complex Needs and Recovery Service. He has a number of outstanding characteristics as a manager which has earnt him respect among the staff teams he has responsibility for, his multi-disciplinary colleagues and managerial peers.

John Williams, Yeoman House
Care coordinator John was nominated by a service user.  She said: "He has endless patience and inspires people with mental health problems so that they can get better and recover to lead fulfilling lives."

Joydens Unit staff, Bracton Centre
Two nominations for Joydens Unit at the Bracton Centre. One service user said of the staff that they are like a second family to me.

Julia Sloane, Heath Clinic, Bracton Centre
Julia is manager of Heath Clinic at the Bracton Centre. Her service user nominator said: "Julia understands people when they are ill and she is a lovely manager for the unit."

Julie Birch, Highpoint House
Julie works for Bexley and Greenwich CAMHS as a receptionist at Highpoint House, Shooters Hill. She is calm, completely reliable and efficient and shows professional courtesy at all times says her nominator.

Julie Lucas, Information Governance
An Information Governance Manager, Julie was praised by her nominator for responding to Freedom of Information requests and CD Roms of Oxleas policies and for leading the way in putting trust policies on the website.

Julie Melrose, Greenwich CAMHS
Praised by senior staff as coping well with numerous changes within Greenwich CAMHS, Julie is a dedicated and compassionate member of the team and very much liked by her young clients and their parents.

Karina Pleitgen, Green Parks House
A Healthcare Assistant on Betts Ward at Green Parks House in Bromley, Karina is said to be always helpful and interacts well with patients.

Kathryn Chubb and Sophie Alberry, Greenwich Time to Talk
Kathryn and Sophie work for Greenwich Time to Talk. They were nominated for helping to set up a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) group to support a primary care pain management clinic.

Kelly Kooner, Oxleas House
Kelly is a Clinical Officer for Phlebotomy and ECG. The service user that nominated her said that: "Kelly always finds my blood straight away - she is a star."

Kelly Williams, Greenwich Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service
Kelly was nominated by a foster carer who was hugely impressed with the way Kelly worked to improve the speech and language skills of a young boy.

Ken Fadero, Oxleas House
Ken works on Shrewsbury Ward at Oxleas House. A colleague said he always has time for service users, puts in loads of extra hours out of his own time and never moans.

Kevin Costello, Bromley Early Intervention Team
Kevin's manager described him as a very hard working, motivated and dedicated nurse who is responsive to the needs of clients and carers.

Lesney Ward, Woodlands
The Lesney Ward Team was nominated by their manager as recognition of the way it has maintained improving care values and compassion for service users and carers while being innovative about new ways of working.

Lin Palmer, Greenwich Child Health Information Service (CHIS)
Lin is Manager of the Child Health Information Service based at Memorial Hospital. Her nominators said she is very diligent, hard working, easy to deal with and non-judgemental.

Louisa Dockery, HMP Maidstone
Louisa is a pharmacy technician at Maidstone prison. A colleague said: "When I started here Louisa gave me her number to contact her if I was working alone and never seemed annoyed if I called her." In a prison you need a calm and organised team and Louisa keeps the team organised.

Lumka Tutani and Christa Shehadeh, Yeaoman House
Lumka and Christa from Greenwich Time to Talk were nominated by a service user who said she appreciated the help she received from the duo and that she can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and is able to face life with more courage and strength.

Lynn Hill, Bexley Health Visiting Service
Combining the roles of Healthcare Assistant and secretary for the Health Visiting Team in Welling, Lynn was nominated for her "outstanding" work and as an "invaluable member" of the team. She was also nominated by a health visitor who said: "She is so efficient and devoted that I feel very well supported and able to carry out my duties with ease."

Lynn Ironside, Green Parks House
Housekeeper Lynn was nominated by the housekeeping supervisor at Green Parks House who said: "Lynn is a highly motivated individual who has a high standard of work and enjoys what she does. Lynn doesn't complain and just gets on with her job."

Maggie Miller, Ferryview Health Centre
Leadership skills including motivation, compassion, good communication and crisis management earned Maggie Miller her nomination by several colleagues. She has outstanding supervisory skills and inspires her team with her passion for the highest standards of practice.

Mandy Baty, Lyndhurst District Nursing Service
District Nurse Mandy Baty was nominated for her cheerfulness, skill, enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication.

Margaret Outschoorn, Greenwich Recovery Team
Margaret, who works at The Heights, was commended for always being positive and helpful, even when on the receiving end of aggressive behaviour, and for working 'tooth and nail' to assist people in their recovery.

Maria Henry, Fairfield Health Centre
Clerical Support Officer Maria transformed the poor take up of appointments to baby BCG (tuberculosis vaccination) clinics by texting clients to offer alternative appointments. As a result of her initiative, uptake has improved dramatically and babies are receiving their BCGs earlier.

Maria Tanner, Bexley Community Health Services
Maria was nominated for exemplary leadership skills and for supporting staff including encouraging their professional development.

Marian (Maz) Marsham, Greenwich Short Breaks Service
Maz successfully undertook a redesign of the Short Breaks Service for children and young people with complex health needs. She established governance procedures that meet quality standards and has worked hard to gain the confidence of children and families who use the service.

Marion Mullings, Bromley Recovery East Team
Marion received nominations from three colleagues for the high quality and professionalism of her work as Lead Administrator in the Recovery East Team, Bromley. She was commended for her sense of humour, helpfulness and exemplary attitude to service users and colleagues.

Mary Tichener and Alison Beasley, Greenwich Community Health Services
Mary and Alison were nominated for their work in leading improvement in the management and prevention of pressure ulcers. They chair a monthly panel which has helped to embed a culture of awareness and learning from root cause analysis.

Maryon Ward Team, Oxleas House
The team was nominated for its efforts to ensure that beds are available for clients needing admission and for identifying and being responsive to clients with housing and other social needs.

May Man, Bexley Health Visiting Service
May Man is a health visitor in Bexley who was nominated by a parent for her vigilance and care when treating one of her children.

Michael Downey and Margaret Appleton, Upton Centre
A service user nominated Volunteer Driver Michael Downey and Care Coordinator Margaret Appleton for the care and support they gave him at the Upton Centre following a bereavement. They always found time to listen and gave support and reassurance whenever it was needed.

Michael Gibbs, Primary Dental Care Service
Dentist Michael Gibbs was nominated by a dental nurse for outstanding compassion and for consistently providing high quality treatment for more than 30 years.

Michelle Wharnsby, Shrewsbury Lane
A service user nominated Michelle for helping him a lot and speaking clearly so he can understand her.

Millbrook Ward, Woodlands Unit
A service user nominated the team for the support it provided to his wife.

Mishek Saineti, Greenwood Unit
Mishek was nominated by a senior colleague for his outstanding contribution in working with people with extremely challenging behaviour. His colleague said: "I am always happy to see him on shift as I know that sensible, safe and patient centred decisions will be made."

Musa Tejan, Bexley Learning Disability Team
Musa Tejan was nominated for going above and beyond the call of duty by arranging for a patient with learning disability and autism to receive regular treatment in a familiar venue at a time of his choice by a staff member he knew.

Nancy Williams, Willowdene School
Nursery Nurse Nancy was nominated by a trust member for applying herself whole heartedly to improve the lives of the young people in her care.

Nasratu Koroma, Green Parks House
A patient nominated Nasratu for her dedication, enthusiasm and vast experience.

Newsletter Group (Chatty CAMHS)
The group was nominated by two members because: "It's a place where you can be yourself and have fun, it's helped me keep educated by writing and it also gives you independence. It's helped me by interacting more with people. I've got more confidence than before and it's also made me achieve something." And because: "It's helped me make new friends and it's good to meet people with the same problems."

Noorani Bocus and Jackie Waghorn, Oxleas House
Noorani and Jackie were nominated by a mental health social worker for being fantastic managers who were also kind and supportive to the nominator during a period of serious physical ill health.

Noreen Travis, Somerset Villa
A Somerset Villa client nominated Noreen: "because she is very helpful."

Number 2, Wensley Close staff, Mathew Grant, contractors, Beth Williams, Jackie Bouriyouri-Mills
This group was nominated by the Acting Manager, Short Breaks Service, for working together to transform 2, Wensley Close, into a "warm, funky, fun home for children with disabilities and their families."

Olusola Soetan, Greenwich Recovery Team
Olusola is a care coordinator who was nominated by a service user for the support she has provide to her and her mother, helping her to become more assertive and to talk to people without fear of what they may say.

Oxleas House inpatient staff
The ward manager nominated the team for embracing the Care, Compassion and Engagement initiative by "putting themselves in the service user's shoes."

Oxleas House Management Team
The team was nominated by the Oxleas House bed manager for enthusiastically embracing the Care, Compassion and Engagement initiative and promoting quality of care by keeping clients as the focus of all it does.

Pat Jones, Green Parks House
Pat was nominated for her unrivalled skills, knowledge and loyal service.

Pat Page, Upton Centre
Pat is a team secretary who works quietly but effectively to support her colleagues, using her initiative to solve problems and who will always help out in any way she can.

Patricia Edwards, Green Parks House
Pat was nominated by fellow housekeepers for always putting others first and her dedication to keeping things running smoothly, including during heavy snow and when the unit was short staffed.

Patricia Powell, Bexley District Nursing Service
A fellow nurse nominated Pat for the crucial role she has played in managing the Bexley continence service in addition to her full-time district nurse role. She has ensured that it continues to deliver a high quality service and she acts as a source of expert advice to patients, carers and health professionals.

Paula Crossley, Greenwich Community Assessment and Rehabilitation Service
Paula works with clients with complex neurological conditions. She received several nominations from colleagues for her dedication, compassion, and for being able to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team.

Peter Maasdorp, Bromley Recovery East Team
Peter was nominated for his work in enabling three teams to join to become the new Recovery East Team. He displayed great tolerance, understanding and patience as a result of which the new team has settled down.

Precious Chinna, Woodlands Unit
Precious was nominated by a patient on Millbrook Ward for the caring way she supports vulnerable patients. She is always willing to listen and her excellent observational skills have helped to maintain patient safety.

Reanie Evans, Upton Centre
Reanie was nominated by her co-facilitator for her efforts in establishing the first Bexley Memory Service carers group. She volunteered for this despite a heavy workload and has done much to promote it at local events this year.

Receptionist Team, the Heights
A social worker nominated the receptionists for always being professional, helpful and pleasant to service users, and for treating people with compassion and respect.

Recovery Team North, The Heights
A service user nominated the team for the support he has received over many years. She said: "They got me a place at Age Concern which I go to every Thursday. It's good and without the club I'd be lost."

Roy Norris, Yeoman House
Roy Norris is a CPN who a nominating colleague describes as: "now past his full pension entitlement but is likely to try never to retire so great is his dedication to the recovery service patients he serves." He is patient focused and cares passionately about the needs of patients with long term disabling diagnoses.

Saida Khodabux, Lakeside Health Centre
District Nurse Saida was nominated by her manager for being a great team player and supporting her colleagues, but most of all for knowing and understanding her clients and meeting their needs. A carer also nominated her for supporting her and her mother, who has a long term health condition.

Samantha McMillan, Upton Centre
Samantha came to the Upton Centre as a volunteer on the Volunteer to Work scheme in February 2011. Since then she has grown personally and professionally, become a valued team member and leads on many of the tasks she undertakes.

Sarah Paynter, Greenwich Recovery Team
Sarah is an occupational therapist in Greenwich and was nominated for her work in assessing and devising intervention programmes that help service users become more independent.

School based health centre nurses, Greenwich Public Health Community Nursing Service
The team has worked hard to achieve success in the 'You're welcome quality standards' which set out principles to help health services become 'young people friendly'. Ten standards had to be achieved and focus groups with pupils resulted in positive feedback about the service.

SOVA Support Link, Bracton Centre
The team was nominated by its clinical director for its work in providing support to personality disordered offenders. The project is the first of its kind in the UK and makes an innovative contribution to reducing risk to others and improving quality of life.

Stephanie Whitehouse, Greenwich Assertive Community Treatment Team
Occupational Therapist Stephanie was nominated for the 'commitment, enthusiasm, compassion, integrity, intelligence and humour with which she supports her clients.

Stuart Betram, Helen Macklin, Anil Singh Jeannie Butler, Angela Williams and the nursing team on Camden and Leyton wards at Woodlands
They were nominated for all of the work they have done to make Leyton and Camden wards a specialist dementia ward. This includes developing reminiscence groups, and successfully acquiring memory aides such as a rempod and remi-smell kit.

Sue Atkins, Bexley District Nursing Service
Sue was nominated for her leadership of the night district nursing service. As the link between the day and night services, Sue has helped to provide a seamless district nursing service.

Sue Carter, Bromley Day Treatment Team
Occupational Therapist Sue's manager nominated her for her incredible dedication and energy in providing both clinical input to her patients and managerial input for her department and staff.

Sue Charman, Claire Hough, Leah Bradbrook, Psychology Service, Greenwich Community Learning Disability Team
The team run a group for adults with learning disabilities called Friends and More that supports vulnerable people living in the community who need to know more about healthy relationships and how to make friends and keep safe. Group members have benefited significantly from involvement and this is reflected in routine evaluation.

Sue Swan, Bexley Children's Outreach Services
Sue Swan is a nursery nurse/outreach worker who was nominated for her work with families and children. This involved developing a young parents services group, working closely with colleagues from CAMHS and other services and dealing effectively with difficult safeguarding issues.

Susan Allen, Horizon House
Susan was nominated by a Horizon House member who was impressed by her pleasant manner, punctuality, dedication and for organising days out for members.

Suzanne Ahlers, Bracton Centre
Suzanne played a key role in developing a new service where forensic community nurses based in our three borough police stations assess arrested people for mental health conditions and to check if they are already known to our services. This means interventions can happen earlier and provides a better experience for service users.

Sylvia Wardale, Kidbrooke Clinic
A senior colleague nominated Sylvia for the care and support she provides to clients in her admin role at Kidbrooke Clinic.  In her 18 years with Greenwich Community Health Services she has built close relationships with mothers and babies and goes beyond her admin role to ensure their needs are met when booking them into clinics.

Terri Baker, Bexley Short Term Interventions Centre
Terri is a care coordinator who was nominated by a client for the unfailing support she provided through difficult times including domestic abuse and her children being referred for adoption.

Upton Centre
Three patients at the Upton Centre nominated the whole team for its care and compassion, for always finding time to listen and for embodying all of the trust's values.

Urgent Care Centre, Queen Mary's Hospital
A primary care assistant practitioner nominated the team for providing an excellent standard of care and working together to ensure an efficient and safe service.

Vish Naick, Bracton Centre
A service user nominated Occupational Therapist Vish for having a lovely personality and doing his job well.

Yarlini Rubaseyone, Somerset Villa
Yarlini or 'Ruby' was nominated for being very helpful.