Gold: Heath Clinic, Bracton Centre

Heath Clinic is a low secure unit for women with challenging behaviour. They were nominated by several staff, staff from partner organisations and most of their patients.

One staff member wrote: "Heath has undergone a number of changes over the years, from a mixed ward to all female and most importantly predominantly personality disorder residents. I have seen the team as a whole struggle with their change, managing some very challenging behaviours and difficulties that this group can bring, including witnessing a number of serious assaults on staff. Despite this the team have quelled and work in a cohesive, consistent way to ensure the residents receive the best possible care."

A psychotherapist wrote: "There has been a significant reduction in incidents of self harm which I attribute to the psychological mindedness of team members who continue to be self critical and proud of their capacity to develop helpful relationships with their patient group."

A team manager at Hexagon Housing also nominated the team: "They recently moved a challenging client to our Rehab and were only too willing to offer us the training and support. The client feels like the Heath staff are family."

Some of the comments from patients are below:

"Nurses are nice, they talk to me, help cook and clean and are very pleasant. The manger and staff were very kind when I was ill."

"They made me feel welcome and are very friendly. They go above and beyond the call of duty."

"The clinic deserves the award for all their hard work, good food and good understanding of us as patients."

Silver: Greenwich Falls Prevention Team

The team is a community based specialist falls team working with older adults in their own homes (including care homes) to prevent falls and injuries. Their central ethos is client centred practice, engagement in valued activities and promoting and supporting healthy ageing. They have supported colleagues in mental health services with consultancy visits and providing physiotherapy at times of crisis to prevent falls and potential injuries on wards and in residential care. They have provided specialist falls training to many local care homes.

The nominator wrote: "They have a passion for both falls prevention and care for the older person. They endlessly look for new ways to streamline and improve their way of working and improving the service they give to older people... The success of the team is very much down to the commitment and drive of its members and the wider integration with other agencies."

There have been reductions in each of the following:

  • falls for people seen by the team
  • attendance at A&E
  • number of fractures/serious injuries
  • ambulance call outs
  • falls in local care homes.

Bronze: Greenwich Virtual Admissions Avoidance Team

The Virtual Admission Avoidance Team was established in December 2009 in response to a growing and urgent need to prevent unnecessary admissions to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The team consists of representatives from the following teams: Joint Emergency Team, Community Falls, Continence, COPD, Long Term Conditions and Lower Limb and District Nursing. They have worked in partnership with several organisations, particularly the London Ambulance Service (LAS).

The nominator wrote: "They have developed a portfolio of clinical pathways that are now being used by LAS as an alternative to automatic hospital attendance.

"In the last financial year, 11/12, the team avoided a total of 1,230 hospital admissions and 4,053 A&E attendances. The team have also supported LAS in achieving a 33% reduction in the number of patients that are conveyed to hospital overall in the last year."

"It is an excellent example of how innovative, collaborative working can produce great results for patients, staff and the organisation."

One patient gave the following feedback on the service: "The COPD team have been a great help to me in seeing me promptly, very grateful for their help getting me into shape again. Thank you."

A patient's relative praised the service: "Your intervention helped my grandfather to die at home which was his wish. He died holding his daughter's hand and surrounded by his paintings and familiar things. Words don't seem enough to express our gratitude. Thank you for being so fantastic at your job."