Being responsive

Recognition Awards 2013:  Jo Daley, Safeguarding Adults Lead

Winner: Jo Daley, Safeguarding Adults Lead

In March of this year commissioners decided to urgently open extra beds at Queen Mary’s Hospital for four weeks to meet increased demand and seasonal pressure. Jo was nominated for volunteering to oversee and lead the new ward and ensuring that patients received the best possible care.

Jane Wells, Director of Adult Community Services, who nominated Jo, said: “During the month that the ward was open Jo received very positive feedback from nurses, GPs, patients and carers. She really touched their lives…She visibly worked over and above her contracted hours making sure that she met every patient and relative and supported them through their transitions.”

Jane included some of the cards that Jo received from patient and carers with comments such as:

“Thank you for the fantastic care, compassion and treatment you have shown to my Mum…this is the NHS at its best.”

“I was filled with confidence that my mum was being looked after…you made such a difference to our lives…You have for the first time made me feel heard and reminded me that I do have a voice…you are an amazing woman and amazing at your job.”

Recognition Awards 2013: Gwyneth Davies and Toni Gillies, Greenwich Adult Musculoskeletal Team

Runner up: Gwyneth Davies and Toni Gillies, Greenwich Adult Musculoskeletal Team

Gwyneth and Toni are administrators within the team. They were nominated several times.

They have developed a text messaging reminder service to reduce the number of people who do not attend their appointments. Gwyneth led the implementation of the Choose and Book referral system. She has become an expert in the system and the service now receives the most referrals per month this way out of all our services (approximately 260 per month).

One nominator said: “Gwyneth juggles a large number of tasks including managing the large number of tasks including managing the other clerical officers in the team, managing bookings, ordering, financial management, diary management, correcting team errors, phoning and organising deliveries and a number of other significant tasks.”

One nominator said: “Toni is often the point of contact for the team with queries regarding diaries, appointments, bookings or information and I have never seen her lose her cool or become flustered even when the office is overrun with tasks, phone calls and work.”

Another nominator said of Toni and Gwyneth: “They are always helpful, friendly and hard working. They go the extra mile to find the best solution for patients and are a delight to work with.”

Another clinician wrote: “If I email any of them I get a response within 5 minutes and similarly if they have had a call from one of my patients, they will let me know immediately.”

Commended: Greenwich Continence Advisory Service

The team have dealt with several significant changes which have led to an increase in workload, ensuring that patient care wasn't affected. They have improved communication with social care which has led to closer working and better meeting of patients' needs. In December 2012 they carried out a survey of people who had used the service. 100% of people who responded were satisfied with the treatment they received and found the advice they received helpful. Positive comments included:

"Very satisfied with my treatment. It was very easy to discuss my problem with the nurse. Friendly. Not rushed."

"Everyone at the clinic is very helpful."

I have attended the continence service for a long time now and found the nurses to be really kind and helpful regarding my bladder problem."

Recognition Awards 2013: Greenwich Time to Talk Administration Team

Commended: Greenwich Time to Talk Administration Team

The team and the Office Manager, Melony James, were nominated several times. One nominator said: "This team is excellent for being responsive to the infinite needs of service users and the requests from staff. They always wear a smile no matter what the pressure. They always have an answer to difficult questions and requests especially from us, their colleagues. This service will not stand without the work of our admin team. They are the backbone of Greenwich Time to Talk."

Nominations for Melony included one from Service Manager, Matthew Foulsham, who said: "Melony is my right hand person. I can delegate to her without hesitation knowing the job will be done. She is a 100% reliable, but she is much more than this. She is the lynchpin of solving organisational problems...She is the most indispensable member of our workforce of more than 50."

Recognition Awards 2013: Greenwich Community Paediatrics Booking Team

Commended: Greenwich Community Paediatrics Booking Team

This team are a small team of three and they were nominated for the fundamental role they have played in recent service improvements. They book a large number of appointments for children with complex needs and varying requirements.

They were nominated due to the way they have adapted and developed new processes to improve the service they provide. They worked hard to reduce the numbers of people who did not attend appointments, introducing a text message reminder service and supported the significant reduction in waiting times for assessments for autism from over a year to approximately two months.

The Project Manager who nominated them said: "The team are always willing to help and support others and often take on extra work for the benefit of the paediatric team as a whole. They have been working under difficult circumstances but remained upbeat and positive throughout. They are an excellent example of how to communicate with patients and support their wider team."