Recognition Awards 2013: Norman Ward, Green Parks House

Winner: Norman Ward, Green Parks House

There were several nominations for the Norman Ward Team and for individuals from the team. They played a key role in a very successful visit to Green Parks House from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC report found Green Parks House to be fully compliant in all areas with no recommendations for improvement.

This successful visit was due to the team's dedication to improve the experience of their patients and provide excellent care. The Ward Manager Grace Gava has led the team to develop several innovative ideas to do this including asking patients for 'real-time' feedback about individual staff, a weekly patient experience group where patients raise issues and staff agree how they will be resolved.  One patient who nominated the team wrote about these meetings: "Once a week there is a patient experience meeting where we all discuss what is good and bad on the ward. I have been particularly impressed with the way this feedback is taken on board, sorted out and followed up."

Healthcare Assistant Sharon Sheldrick has set up a comprehensive suite of activities on the ward. In response to feedback the team has also set up special, restaurant style meals on Fridays.

Recognition Awards 2013: Greenwich Integrated Children’s Services

Runner up: Greenwich Integrated Children’s Services

This team is a true partnership between our community health services and mental health services. They provide specialist care, support, advice and training for children and young people with acute and short term health conditions, long term health conditions, disabilities and complex conditions, life limiting or threatening conditions, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

A report into their performance during the first six months at Oxleas (some staff joined from a smaller service run by South London Healthcare NHS Trust) showed that there had been no formal or informal complaints. They have reduced the waiting time for ADHD assessments from over a year to six to ten weeks, running Saturday clinics to help clear the backlog. They provide psychological support to families who are experiencing difficulties managing their child's life limiting condition.

The report concluded that: "The success of the first six months is a tribute to the commitment of the staff within the team. They have seized opportunities to work together to improve outcomes for children who access the service and it is exceptionally positive that parents have expressed satisfaction with the care received across all areas of the service."

Recognition Awards 2013: Lorraie Brend, Heath Clinic, Bracton Centre

Commended: Lorraie Brend, Heath Clinic, Bracton Centre

Lorraie was nominated by a service user she has been working with who has a mixed personality disorder and Asperger's syndrome which makes it difficult to form and maintain trusting relationships. The nominator wrote: "Lorraie has formed a healthy working relationship with me and has earnt my trust." Lorraie regularly takes her to the woods to help her overcome anxiety around trees.

The nominator continued: "I used to wear masculine clothes as I had no idea what was 'in'. Lorraie booked a day and took me to get a new image. She took me to a hair dressers and helped me pick a more fashionable hairstyle, pick more feminine clothes, choose and use make up. She made me feel I was worth something - and I usually suffer from low self-esteem. Lorraie is always ready and available to listen to me, to try and understand me, offer solutions to my problems and share in my success."

Recognition Awards 2013: Mandy Baty, Lyndhurst District Nursing Team

Commended: Mandy Baty, Lyndhurst District Nursing Team

Mandy was nominated by three patients or relatives, one GP and also mentioned in many of the nominations for the Lyndhurst Team.

One of the patients wrote: "I always look forward to Mandy's visits as she is so kind and helpful. She really makes my problems seem so much less and makes me very happy...she is a wonderful, caring and considerate nurse and also a friend."

The GP nominated her for the outstanding work Mandy does in the community and for attending meetings with GPs regularly. He said: "She is very reliable and patients like her very much...She has sound knowledge in the areas she works. She is hard working, always presents a happy face and is always willing to help."

Recognition Awards 2013: Danson Clinic, Bracton Centre

Commended: Danson Clinic, Bracton Centre

The nominator wrote: "Danson Clinic needs to be considered for a recognition award as we are committed every day to challenging current processes and practices and to develop new ways of working that help us to provide a positive and safe environment that helps us deliver excellent and consistent nursing care."

The team has worked hard to improve the food eaten by residents at the clinic. Self catering is encouraged. However when the nominator joined the team in 2010, there were a number of issues with this, which included: "quality, amount, variety, portions, obesity, safety, nursing skills, nursing priorities, washing up, health and safety, eating times, food safety, training, complaints and the list grew and grew!" Now menus with healthy options are planned by residents, food ordering has been significantly improved and a relationship developed with a local butcher. They have also developed an allotment in the garden area meaning residents eat herbs and vegetables they have grown.

Staff and service users have been running a series of good practice sessions on Thursday afternoons. Service users also produce a magazine for other service users and staff across the Bracton Centre's wards. The Danson Blog is an excellent way to communicate and share information.

A student nurse who worked at the clinic wrote about her experience: "I am gutted I am leaving and hopefully I will be given the opportunity to return to be a part of Danson again once I am qualified. The Bracton is so well orientated around therapy, patients' values and focussed on recovery I can honestly say it has been a pleasure to have been a part of that."