Having a user focus

Staff Recognition Awards 2013: Having a user focus - Lakeside District Nursing Team

Winner: Lakeside District Nursing Team

The Lakeside team were nominated 36 times by a range of patients, relatives, staff and partners. Comments included:

“They always go the extra mile to help out. All have a great sense of humour.”

“They are brilliant – each and every one.”

“They have helped me to maintain a happy life. If they didn’t come in and look after my legs I don’t know if I could even walk.”

“My mother and I feel that the level of care that my father received probably prolonged his life by at least a year…their help and support has been invaluable since my mother’s stroke in 2011, especially now that we are now almost house-bound.”

“Nothing is ever too much trouble. They are a credit to the NHS.”

“They are a credit to nursing and without them I don’t know where I would be!”

Staff Recognition Awards 2013: Having a user focus - Elaine Walder

Runner up: Elaine Walder, Greenwich Short Term Intervention Team

Elaine was nominated by a patient she helped recover from an episode of ill health: “I just couldn’t stand being inside my own skin as I felt so miserable, low, lifeless, no self worth, no energy, desperate, in pain and tormented. My meetings with Elaine were long and she was patient and calm. I felt much better after talking to her…She was able to give me inspiration, hope and professional advice to cope with my desperate existence. She reinforced the importance of taking my medication and she liaised with my consultant when I was at ‘tipping point’.

“On at least 10 occasions I was on my own – at home and felt unable to get through the day. I was tearful, desperate and afraid of what I might do. I always phoned Elaine who listened to me and provided immediate support, advice and was sympathetic. I know that Elaine saved my life and supported me through the darkest times over the past 12 months. Thanks to my guardian angel Elaine I am now back to teaching. She deserves an Oscar for what she did for me.

“Elaine is inspiration and has given me hope. She was right to say that I would get through this impossible experience and I did!!! Thank you Elaine.”

Recognition Awards 2013: Lyndhurst District Nursing Team

Commended: Lyndhurst District Nursing Team

The team were nominated by several patients, carers and staff from partner organisations.

The manager of a local residential care home wrote: "As a home for people with dementia, we often find that some healthcare professionals have limited time or patience for our client group. These nurses visit every day, always with a smile and compassion, no matter how busy they are outside in the community they take the time to explain to our service users what they are doing and why, even if that means repeating themselves several times each visit."

Recognition Awards 2013: Paula Sullivan

Commended: Paula Sullivan, Greenwich Children’s Community Nursing Team

Paula's nominator wrote: "She has been our guardian angel. My little girl loves her and I feel safe with her. I don't hesitate to ask her help any time I need it and she is always there for us...This award would be a great way to show her my gratitude.

She visits us every week for blood tests and dressing changes and sometimes more than once for antibiotics...She helped us find a school place and visited school to inform teachers about my daughter's condition. She even made a care plan for her...I don't know what we would do without Paula."

Recognition Awards 2013: Mariam Jalloh

Commended: Mariam Jalloh, Bexley Recovery Team

Mariam was nominated by a patient whose care she coordinates, who wrote: “She has time for me when I call the office and am in a state. She takes time to try and understand my view or opinion. She advises me but never pushes me into things. When I was in hospital she came to visit me to see how I was doing.

“She is helping me with the recovery star and I feel I am very supported in trying to manage my mental health…She has a passion to help people get better.”