Leading and inspiring

Recognition Awards 2013: Pauline Kenny, Bexley Assertive Outreach Team

Winner: Pauline Kenny, Bexley Assertive Outreach Team

Pauline is the manager of the Bexley Assertive Outreach Team (AOT) and was nominated several times. One member of her team wrote: "Pauline is quite simply an excellent team manager. The last year has not been an easy one for the team, particularly as we faced a number of staffing problems. However Pauline's clear thinking and steady hand has kept the team functioning well."

She organised an AOT conference for staff from three teams across Oxleas. She has established a physical health check clinic to ensure service users' physical health needs are met. She ensures the team meet the needs of carers and that staff continue to develop their skills and audit and learn from their practice.

A consultant psychiatrist in the team wrote: "She always goes the extra mile to ensure that service users' experience is at its best."

Iain Dimond, Director of Adult Mental Health and Learning Disability Services, said of Pauline: "I have had the pleasure of working with Pauline for the last two years or so. Right from my first meeting I was struck by her thoughtful and calm approach to her work. She is a fantastic example of a good clinician becoming an excellent manager. Her team, without fanfare, work with adults with complex mental health problems who find it difficult to engage with mainstream mental health services. The team manages the complexity of such work with great skill and it is worth noting that the team has had no serious incidents and virtually no complaints over the last two years...She is hugely popular with her staff who she manages with both professionalism and a well judged sense of humour. Staff are loyal to Pauline because of the support and rigour with which she approaches her job." 

Another member of her team wrote: "Because we have a strong and visionary manager/leader the team as a whole is confident as Pauline creates an atmosphere at work in which her staff thrive. With her sense of humour and non-critical attitude, she has developed a work ethic in which staff feel energised to contribute and perform at their optimum level."

Recognition Awards 2013: Bryony Robertson, Patient Safety Team

Runner up: Bryony Robertson, Patient Safety Team

Bryony is the trust's Patient Safety Lead and was nominated by a ward manager for the way she supports staff during and following incidents, inquests or other court cases: "She is always there for staff and exceptionally able to contain a potentially dire situation by capitalising on people's strengths rather than their weaknesses. She supported my staff during a recent sensitive inquest with great skill and tact.      

"Bryony has a great personality behind all that professionalism. I think she should win an award for her sheer dedication and hard work."

Recognition Awards 2013: Sarah Hadley, Greenwich Music Therapy Service

Commended: Sarah Hadley, Greenwich Music Therapy Service

Sarah's nominator said she has: "not only built up the largest paediatric music therapy service in England, consistently providing a high quality service, but she has pioneered a new way of making some of the benefits of music therapy more widely available to children in need, namely Interactive Music Making."

Interactive Music Making (IMM) is all about enabling non musicians to apply simple music therapy techniques to achieve great outcomes for children under five years old with special needs. This approach has made a huge difference to local children in Greenwich and orphans in Romania where she has also taken it with the Music as Therapy charity she helps run.

Sarah has developed a successful course with Greenwich University for people who work with children to use IMM within their work. This has helped to spread the good practice and been met with very positive feedback. One Early Years Practitioner explained the benefits of IMM: "I worked with one little girl who had social issues...she was very introverted and not getting any support. She really grew in confidence. Now she'll come and find me and ask to do music."

Commended: Dr Jane Dickson, Greenwich Contraception and Sexual Health Service (CASH)

Jane joined the CASH service in 2004 having previously worked as a GP in Greenwich. She has overseen significant developments and improvements in the service which now has an excellent reputation. CASH received an outstanding achievement award from the You're Welcome accreditation scheme for sexual health services which are young people friendly. They provide a range of walk in clinics which promote sexual health and patients can get advice on contraception, tests for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy advice and screening. They run separate clinics for young people and adults.

She was nominated by our Director of Adult Community Services who wrote: "Whilst ensuring the service went from good to great, Jane was also working tirelessly to develop her own clinical skills with the ultimate aim of benefiting the service and service users. After several years of determination and hard work, Jane completed competencies at numerous sites across the whole of England and finally, in March 2013, she was recognised and awarded her Consultant status.

"I would like to nominate Jane for this award, both in recognition of her own personal achievement and contribution to the service, but also in recognition of supporting and developing the service whilst simultaneously developing her own skills so that she can ensure the best services are available to her clients in Bexley and Greenwich."  

Commended: Fananidzai Hove, Kent Prisons

Fananidzai is the Team Manager for our mental health services in eight Kent prisons. Her nominator said that when she took over her role there were a number of issues which she has resolved and "demonstrated excellence." She has: "successfully recruited staff into services that are traditionally difficult to recruit to, due both to the nature of the work and the geography of the services. She has driven up the performance of her workforce...six of the eight prisons in Kent have now been jointly inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Her Majesty's Prison Inspectorate - all areas have been fully compliant."

These inspections were particularly commended for the innovations Fananidzai has led including to involve offenders and get and react to feedback from them.

The nominator continued: "Fanandizai consistently carries out her duties to a high standard and has developed the trust's prison mental health services into established and high performing services...she is a highly competent and motivated manager and leader of people."