Other nominations

Staff Recognition Awards 2013

Adolescents with Complex and Additional Needs Team (ACAN), Greenwich
The ACAN Team work tirelessly with a challenging client group. Its caseload has doubled in the last six months.

Ainsley Williams, STaR Worker, Maryon Ward, Oxleas House
Ainsley has been nominated five times as Employee of the Month at Oxleas House - which proves how much he is valued by service users and colleagues.

Alison Burnal, Employment Support, Greenwich Time to Talk
A service user nominated Alison for the support which enabled her to return to work.

Alison Wickes, Leila Ercan, Susie Williams and Janice Baker, Step Up Step Down
They were nominated by a previous patient as they are "considerate, patient and listen with understanding."

Amabel Maranan, Deputy Unit Manager, Step Up Step Down
Amabel is described as having the highest standards of clinical leadership. During a recent unit relocation she worked tirelessly to get the new ward ready - even vacuuming the carpets herself.

Amarpreet Ajji, Ivy Willis House Closed Rehabilitation Unit
Amarpreet was nominated by a service user for her excellent communication skills and for being very understanding.

Amy Riggs, School Nurse, Charlton Park Academy
Her superior said of Amy: "I have always been very impressed by Amy and how actively involved and efficient she is."

Barbara King, COPD Team
Barbara is described as the backbone of the COPD team. A colleague said: "She is very approachable and our patients love her.

Belinda Musamba and Diane Higgins, Bexley Learning Disability Team
A service user nominated Belinda and Diane for the way they helped her and made her feel better when she was unwell in a group session.

Bexley Recovery Team, Bexleyheath Centre
Senior colleagues nominated the team. Examples of good practice include taking a holistic approach by working alongside other agencies.

Bexley Short Term Intervention Service Administration Team
The administration team was nominated for always demonstrating good communication, professionalism and being eager to help. The nominator said: "the admin team plays a vital role in the smooth running of the short term intervention team."

Bill Stewart, Hazelwood, Memorial Hospital
A service user said that Bill deserves recognition because he is kind, considerate and hard-working.

Bromley Day Treatment Team
The Day Treatment Team was nominated for the positive and compassionate way they work with young people and for their strong patient centric ethos. One nominator said: "I have been amazed that some of our most difficult to reach service users have willingly attended the DTS and that months or years later they have repeated to me something they learnt from DTS."

Bromley West Older Adults Community Mental Health Team
Nominated for the work the team did to review the way antipsychotics were prescribed for people suffering from demential and challenging behaviour, which has resulted in a better quality of life with medication for patients.

Rachael Brace, Children's Nurse, Bluebell House, Short Breaks Service
Rachael has been a major asset to the team. She has an excellent manner with parents and families and is loved by the children.

Comfort Goncalves, Healthcare Assistant, Oaktree Lodge
Comfort's kindness to a service user prompted a message of thanks from a relative and a nomination for a Recognition Award.

Community Falls Team, part of the Community Assessment and Rehabilitation Service in Greenwich
The Community Falls Team was nominated for its hardwork, "can do philosophy", dedication and felxible approach.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Sharon Lines and LaToya Martin, Ward Manager, Maryon Ward, Oxleas House
Sharon and LaToya have been instrumental in facilitating Talking Therapy groups on Maryon Ward.

Daniel Daka, Deputy Manager, Ivy Willis House Closed Rehabilitation Unit - Bromley
Daniel has recently covered maternity leave and stepped up to manage the unit. He was our 2013 Nurse of the Year.

Dawn Smith, The Woman's Service - Bromley
Dawn was nominated by a colleague for the support she provides to patients from their first encounter with the service until their treatment ends and for being a supportive member of the team. The nominator said "she is our glue."

Day Treatment Team - Greenwich
This team has undergone significant change in recent years. Despite this the team has continued to be robust in its delivery of treatment to patients.

Debbie Owen, Shepherdleas Ward, Oxleas House
Debbie was nominated for her exceptional work delivering training sessions on caring for people with dementia, delirium and depression.

Debra King, COPD Team
Debra was nominated by a colleague for providing patients with a first class service and for often going the extra mile for her patients.

Diane Higgins and Belinda Musamba, Bexley Learning Disability Team
Specialist Support Worker Diane and her colleague Belinda Musamba were described by a service user as having helped her during a shaking fit.

Doreen Whitter, Receptionist, Recovery Team - Greenwich
Doreen is described as having a cheerful, positive and open minded perspective and passes this onto both service users and staff.

Dr Andrew Flynn, Bexley Learning Disability Team
Dr Flynn was nominated for improving the life of one of his service users.

Dr Derek Tracy, Green Parks House
Dr Tracy was nominated by a colleague for the work he has done around audit and research in the Home Treatment Team, Liaison and Intake Team and Day Treatment Team in Bromley. The nominator remarked that "his wit, care and knowledge is appreciated by all around him."

Dr Devandra Hansjee, Bromley Assertive Outreach and Rehabilitation Team
Nominated by a Team Manager, Dr Hansjee responds quickly to clients who are experiencing crisis situations, often with a cool head, when others are losing theirs.

Dr Kathleen Hodkinson, Dr Simone Kowitz and Kate Thornton, Bromley Early Intervention Team
Kat, Simone and Kate have started running a families/carers group in the Bromley Early Intervention Team. This group is highly valued.

Dr Kiki O'Neill-Byrne, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Bracton Centre
A fellow doctor called Kiki an excellent clinician, supervisor and manager.

Early Intervention in Psychosis Team - Bromley
The team were nominated for the work they have done with carers, including holding two successful carers events in the last year.

Elaine Blackmore and Juliet Blenman, Greenwich Lower Limb Service
Elaine and Juliet were nominated by a service user for being thorough and always explaining what they are doing and the reasons why.

Elaine Newman, Community Manager Older People's Mental Health Bexley and Greenwich
Elaine was nominated by a carer for the support she gives her when visiting from France to see her sister and for the total confidence her sister has in Elaine.

Elizabeth Long, COPD Team
Liz was given 10 out of 10 by a service user for the support and help she provided to them.

Esther Oyeleye, Clinical Charge Nurse, Oxleas House
Esther is described as professional and selfless in the discharge of her duties. She exudes confidence and compassion.

Eugene Connell, Kent prisons mental heallth services - HMP Swaleside
Eugene was nominated by a colleague for his "exceptional" ability to juggle his managerial role with his clinical role working with people with very complex needs.

Feroze Ackburally, Recovery West Team Bromley
Feroze was nominated for being approachable and reliable as well as being committed to delivering the best care at all times.

Fintan Brassil, Modern Matron, Oaktree Lodge
The relative of a service user said that Fintan had shown her sister great kindness since she had arrived at Oaktree Lodge.

Florence Ejemai, Greenwich Time to Talk
Florence was nominated by both service users and a colleague. One nominator said that she is "very caring and compassionate with patient's illnesses/problems."

Gemma Allison, ACAN Team - Greenwich
Gemma has worked extremely hard in establishing and maintaining services for young people with early psychosis.

Goolnaz Bocus, Atlas House
Naz' was nominated for being a good team player and for providing safe and effective care for vulnerable service users.

Greenwich Adult Musculoskeletal Service
The team was nominated for the professional attitude, positive atmosphere and efficient, high quality care that is provided.

Greenwich Breastfeeding Advocates
The Breastfeeding Advocates work closely with the Health Visiting Teams to maintain UNICEF best standards in breastfeeding support to mothers in Greenwich.

Greenwich Diabetes Specialist Team
By transferring existing hospital outpatient activity directly into a community diabetologist clinic, the team has saved £227,933 in less than a year - patients suffered no inconvenience.

Greenwich Home Treatment Team
The team were nominated for their hard work and compassion and for having a very positive impact on the lives of many people.

Greenwich Integrated Team, Millennium Health Centre
The team members care for each other and their patients. A cohesive unit they achieve a high level of patient satisfaction.

Hamid Ghazzali, Recovery Team - Greenwich
Hamid was nominated by two service users who both remarked on the fact that he always goes the extra mile. One nominator also praised Hamid for his management of The Heights football team.

Hazel James and Sharon Shackleton, Recovery West Team - Bromley
Hazel and Sharon were nominated by a colleague for the excellent work they do on reception including dealing with challenging situations and demonstrating care and compassion to clients.

Hazel James, Clerical Administrator, Recovery West Team - Bromley
Hazel has been an extremely committed member of staff, supporting the receptionist role for RWT.

Henry Moiwo, Oxleas House
Henry was nominated for his caring, warm, calm and patient approach to service users and for being a positive role model to other staff.

Home Treatment Team - Bromley
The team was nominated for their hard work in gaining home treatment accreditation - a quality mark that is recoginsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists Centre for Quality Improvement.

Ivy Willis House Open Rehabilitation Unit - Bromley
Nominated by a student nurse who said: "The whole team is outstanding in everyway. They go out of their way to create a welcoming atmosphere for new clients and students."

Jane Foong, Leyton Ward, Woodlands Unit
The member of staff that nominated Jane said that she had been Acting Manager on the ward for almost three years and deserves the job permanently.

Janice Upham, Healthcare Assistant, Twilight District Nursing Team - Oval Clinic
Janice is, according to a colleague, never sick and does not take her annual leave until asked to do so. She is described as being devoted to her work.

Jayshree Chaudry, Early Intervention in Psychosis Team - Bromley
Jayshree was nominated for all of the work she does with carers in the Early Intervention in Psychosis team.

Jenny Eldred, Bracton Centre
Jenny was nominated by a colleague for being an approachable manager who 'mucks in' with her staff and for her hard work and dedication which has included gaining a masters degree while working and supporting important initiatives at the Bracton.

Jessca Gudza, Looked After Children - Bexley
Jessca was nominated for "working tirelessly to improve the uptake of LAC (looked after children) health reviews." The nominator said that Jessca was "a devoted, compassionate and energetic nurse."

John Keane, Recovery West Team - Bromley
According to the service user that nominated John: "He does his job at a standard which inspires me and makes me feel safe and secure."

Julia Sloan, Heath Clinic, Bracton Centre
A service user nominated Julia for her ability to juggle managing the Heath Clinic with providing care and compassion to people on the ward. The nominator said that Julia is "an amazing example of professionalism."

Julie Agbo, Team Manager, Recovery Team - Bexley
Julie was nominated by her deputy who said she had exemplary leadership and management skills.

Justine Najeero-Luinagga, Oaktree Lodge
Justine was nominated by a colleague for her hard work and for the rapport she has built up with both patients and fellow staff members.

Karen McIvor, Older Adults Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) - Greenwich
Karen was nominated for her exceptional work delivering training sessions on caring for people with dementia, delirium and depression, and for undertaking training on the stroke unit.

Karis Lloyd, Bexley Learning Disability Team
Karis was nominated for being friendly, welcoming and taking on any challenge given to her. One nominee said: "Karis is always smiling and helpful when service users and other visitors come to Stuart House."

Kate Thornton, Early Intervention in Psychosis Team - Bromley
Nominated for the role she played in establishing a peer support position in the team, Kate was praised for having service users' "interests at heart." She was also nominated for leading an audit across the three early intervention teams regarding work, voluntary work and college/university/training.

Kathy Quaye, Access Officer, Short Term Intervention Team - Greenwich
Kathy is described as an exceptional individual who will go the extra mile to make sure that clients needs are met.

Kay Rowe, District Nursing Service - Oval Clinic
Nominated by her colleagues, Kay is dedicated to the job and always makes her patients feel safe and special.

Kerin Ray, Recovery Team - Bexley
Kerin was nominated by a service user for the support, help and professionalism she has shown over the last few years.

Kim Causer, Pharmacy
Kim was nominated for going over and above to support our children's nursing service with pharmaceutical advice and support.

Laraine Bell, Team Manager, Liaison and Intake Team - Bromley
Laraine has given many years of service in health and social care in Bromley and continues to do so with the energy of someone 20 years younger.

Lauren Harman, Recovery Team - Greenwich
A colleague nominated Lauren for the way she supports her clients to pursue their goals.

Lesley Doolan, Greenwich Older Adults Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)
Lesley "the oracle" was nominated by a colleague for her "consistently high standards of responsiveness and attention to detail." The nominator also commended Lesley for her incredible care and compassion.

Lynn Gray, Sickle Cell Clerical Officer, Gallions Reach
A colleague nominated Lynn and wrote that she : "copes all by herself running all the admin, even when unwell. She is always very pleasant and calm."

Lynsey Waller, Greenwich Special Needs Inclusion Team
Linsey was nominated for leading, inspiring and coordinating two teams with key projects to improve standards of care and communication for children and young people with complex health needs.

Margaret Tresarden, Ward Administrator, Atlas House
Margaret's nomination form describes her as hardworking and reliable.

Mark McManus, Assertive Outreach and Rehabilitation Team - Bromley
Mark was nominated for his leadership skills and for the way he managed the integration of the Assertive Outreach and Rehabilitation teams.

Mary Agyare, Health Visiting Colyers Lane Clinic
The colleague who nominated Mary said that she works quietly and uncomplainingly and supports both staff and patients with her kindness and consideration.

Maryon Ward, Oxleas House
The team was nominated for the good humour of the staff, open communication, great team work and an inclusive attitude towards patients.

Matt Watts, Bexley Early Intervention Team
Matt demonstrated compassion, caring, quick thinking and calmness in a recent crisis situation.

Maureen Pelton, Bexley Older Adults Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)
Maureen was nominated for the work she has done to implement new ways of working following a reconfiguration in the directorate she works in. The nominator said: "Due to Maureen's efforts staff feel increasingly supported and more confident in relation to case management."

Melanie Place, Bromley Older People's Mental Health Psychology Service
Melanie was nominated by a colleague for her hard work in the development of the liaison team at Princess Royal University Hospital, overseeing the Bromley care home project and training to be an approved clinician.

Mercy Browne, Ferryview Healthcentre
Numerous colleagues nominated Nurse Practitioner, Mercy Browne. They said she is a natural teacher and leader.

Milbrook Ward Team, Woodlands Unit
The nominating service user wrote: "The team here have given me the most amazing level of care helping me on my road to recovery."

Mohamed-Jamie Komeh, Shrewsbury Ward, Oxleas House
Mohamed-Jamie is very hard working, gives a lot of time to his staff, works long hours and is a supportive, kind and caring manager.

Musa Tejan, Practice Development Nurse, Bexley Learning Disability Team
A grateful service user said Musa explained things very well and had helped her a lot.

Naidoo Armoordon, Green Parks House
Naidoo was nominated for overseeing a successful CQC inspection and for the work he has done to improve quality at Green Parks House.

Navaira Lodhi, Ivy Willis House Closed Rehabilitation Unit, Bromley
Navaira was nominated for her dedication to implementing the Productive Ward and Patient Experience initiatives on the ward in a way that focused on compassion, empathy and patience.

Noorani Bocus, Team Manager, Greenwich Home Treatment Team, Oxleas House
Noorani is described as: "one of the most dedicated staff I am aware of in Oxleas", according to the colleague who nominated him.

Oaktree Lodge, Memorial Hospital
A service user said: "I am very impressed by the attitude of the staff who have been making my sister as comfortable as possible during her detention under the Mental Health Act."

Older Adults Community Mental Health Team - Bexley
Described as "an incredible team" that makes sure "patients remain in the centre of our service" this team has a "dedicated staff".

Older People's Social Inclusion Group
The group set targets for the year that fed into the Directorate Quality Board action plan. One of the targets related to organising social inclusion events for our local partner agencies, service users and carers.

Patricia Powell and Rosemary Hobbs, Bexley Continence Service
Pat and Rose were nominated by a colleague for managing the continence service and ensuring it continues to deliver a high quality service.

Pauline Boyd, Day Therapy Service - Greenwich
The colleague that nominated Pauline said that she had created a real team with her down to earth approach to management, unfailing good humour and ability to listen.

Pauline Thomson, Patient Experience
Pauline was nominated for the work she has done to positvely embed equality and human rights information in patient experience surveys and for the work she is doing to improve the experience of carers.

Penny Penfold, Bridgeways
Penny was nominated by colleagues for the support she has provided to the teams she supports through a number of reconfigurations.

Recovery Team - Bexley
The team was nominated by a service user for the support they have provided, remaining active in her care. The nominator wanted to recognise the admin team for being helpful and understanding.

Robert Adu-Amoako, Information Technology
Robert was nominated for his patient, approachable and helpful attitude.

Saida Khodabux, District Nursing Service - Lyndhurst Medical Centre
Saida was nominated for being "a person who genuinely cares for her patients", taking the time to listen and getting things done promptly.

Sarah Lester, Bexley Memory Service
Sarah was nominated for her exceptional work delivering training sessions on caring for people with dementia, delirium and depression.

Simon Rivers, Finance
Simon was nominated for being "instrumental in working alongside clinical managers to help them understand finance and budgeting." The nominator also remarked that Simon can be relied upon to problem solve.

SOS Team, COPD Team
The team were nominated for stepping up to the plate to provide a seven day a week service at short notice and over the Christmas holiday period. They have been adaptable to changing requirements and maintained a high level of service.

Sue Charman, Bexley Learning Disability Team
Sue was nominated for explaining things well.

Sue Mall, Horizon House
Sue was nominated by a service user for helping them to complete forms and apply for benefits.

Susan Atkins and Janice Upham, Twilight District Nursing Service, Oval Clinic
Both Sue and Jan are keen to develop the Bexley Night Service further and are passionate that patients are able to maximise their independence and remain at home whenever possible.

Susan Atkins, Community Specialist Practitioner District Nurse
The nominator wrote that: "the night service depends on Susan a lot and a little appreciation would go a long way to boost her morale and also let her know that her hard work does not go unnoticed."

Suzanne Ahlers and Marie Barker, Community Forensic Nursing Team
Suzanne and Marie were nominated for all of the hard work they put in to a police liaison and diversion scheme pilot, including making invaulable contacts at Bexleyheath, Plumstead and Bromley police stations.

Tall Trees Day Service and Kaye Jones
The nominators said that the Tall Trees Service had been very kind to their daughter since she attended the service in 1991.

Occupational Therapy team in the Recovery Team - Greenwich
Nominated for being person centred, supporting service users to achieve their goals and aid them through recovery from mental illness.

Tim Locke, Oaktree Lodge
Tim was nominated for the creative ideas he has implemented to improve the mealtime experience for older people with dysphagia.

VALID Researchers, Memory Clinics and Community Mental Health Teams within OPMH
Four occupational therapist researchers are gathering data for the Valuing Active Life in Dementia (VALID) research project.

Victoria Lowden, Bexley Memory Service
A colleague nominated Victoria for doing two great jobs at once - as Memory Service Manager and setting up the reconfigured memory service; and for being a supportive supervisor.

Wendy Kadzirange, Norman Ward, Green Parks House
Wendy was nominated by a colleague for her empathetic approach to everything and for ensuring there is good team morale and a good relationship between staff and patients.

Yvonne Golding, Assistant Service Manager, Universal Children's Services
A grateful work colleague said that Yvonne had been supportive and understanding during a period when she had had to take time off sick.

Yvonne McClure, Greenwich Recovery Team
According to the colleague who nominated her, Yvonne is 'dynamic, funny, creative, hard working' and connects with staff and clients alike. She was also nominated by a service user for being very kind and helpful to others.