Recognition Awards 2013: Urgent Care Centre Team, Queen Mary’s Hospital

Winner: Urgent Care Centre Team, Queen Mary’s Hospital

The Urgent Care Centre Team received a number of nominations from colleagues and patients. Jane Wells, Director of Adult Community Services, wrote: "The Urgent Care Centre (UCC) delivers an outstanding level of care to service users. Unlike the majority of UCCs across the country, the Bexley UCC is stand alone and not part of an adjacent A&E." Despite a significant increase in the number of people who go to the UCC, complaints have more than halved since 2011 to less than one a month and the team receive many compliments.

In one of these a patient wrote: "I was attended to instantly by your doctor and she did a first class job in cleaning it up. Thereafter I have been coming for dressings by your most excellent nurse practitioners Barry and Sue. To his great credit, Barry spotted that there were in fact two cysts occupying a large cavity in my back, but it appears to be healing well thanks to the prodigiously good care I have been receiving...What would I have done without the services of UCC? Goodness only knows."

The Sue and Barry mentioned above are Sue Martin and Barry Hewett who were nominated for: "setting up a dressing clinic for patients who have presented at UCC with wounds on an appointment basis and walk-in. The clinic offers patients flexibility - they often attend before and after work. Barry and Sue have treated patients as late as 8pm on patient's requests."

In another nomination from a patient, Caroline Crouch, Nurse Practitioner, was praised: "She should be awarded because she goes one step further than what nurses are expected to do. She supports patients not only physically but emotionally."

Recognition Awards 2013: Atlas House team

Runner up: Atlas House Team

Atlas House is a specialist low secure treatment and assessment inpatient unit for adults with a learning disability. The unit has had positive visits from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The team were nominated by their manager for working: “tirelessly and selflessly in providing safe, sound and effective care to our service users.”

He continued: “They encourage family reunions between patients and their relatives who have not had contact for years.

“The team are very much dedicated to the service users and although they are here for treatment, the team make their stay in Atlas House fun and comfortable. Because of the team’s care and compassion towards our service users, when it is time for them to leave, they feel reluctant to go, when they do, they always keep in touch and visit us.

“The team deserves to be recognised for their unreserved support, commitment, courage, competence, care and compassion in providing excellent, safe and sound effective services to our vulnerable service users.”

Commended: Mary Titchener, Integrated Community Teams

At the end of 2012, a community based intermediate care bedded unit was experiencing difficulties. Feedback from patients and carers was showing that standards of care were below where we would expect them to be.

Mary was nominated by Jane Wells, Director of Adult Community Services who said she: "became aware of these difficulties and offered to support the team to refocus on what was important to patients and team members and re-instill the confidence and passion to provide the best care possible. Over a four month period Mary gently guided the team. She was professional at all times and combined a mindful, nurturing leadership style with a clear vision of how compassionate care could be delivered.

"Feedback from team members on the unit was very positive and they were able to share reflections about how they were individually working differently. Likewise feedback from patients and their families, measured through weekly patient advice and liaison service (PALS) visits and [patient experience] tracker feedback, was also positive. No complaints from patients or their families were received during this time. Mary's leadership helped transform the team and she is a truly inspirational role model for nurse leadership."

Recognition Awards 2013: Veronica Simpson, Greenwich Health Visiting Kidbrooke Village Centre

Commended: Veronica Simpson, Greenwich Health Visiting Kidbrooke Village Centre

Veronica was nominated by a Nurse Specialist in Safeguarding Children who wrote: "Veronica is a very professional health visitor who approaches her service users with care, compassion, gentleness and integrity. She was working with a very vulnerable family where both parents had additional needs (father has learning difficulties and mother has mental health problems). Her level of support to this family was outstanding and prevented the child being removed from their care. She also ensured that the child's safety was maintained and her learning and development needs were met. Veronica is very supportive to new fathers who are often forgotten in the postnatal period, and her work with these fathers enhances their parenting skills which benefits the family as a whole.

"She goes the extra mile for her clients and she has that wonderful combination of professionalism and compassion. She is also a community practice teacher and it is edifying to see her passing these soft but essential skills on to her students.

"I cannot praise her highly enough and am often humbled by the way she discusses her cases during supervision; the most amazing thing is she has no idea how good she is!"