Open Page review Oxleas' Annual Members' Meeting

Article by Polly, Tim, Annette and Sarah from Open Page magazine

On 30th September the Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust Annual Member’s meeting was held at the Indigo arena at The 02. Trust members include service users, current and past staff and governors. The purpose of the event is to promote the services available within the trust, to summarise the trust’s development over the last year and to discuss aims and plans for the future and also as an opportunity to recognise the outstanding achievements of particular staff and teams within Oxleas.

Many stalls were included within the arena with the purpose of promoting the different services within Oxleas. During the morning guests could investigate these stalls and chat informally to stall workers to gather information, for the braver of us there was also the opportunity to get involved in some creative activities including art and drama workshops! Open Page were at the AMM to cover the event but also as part of the Greenwich Oxleas exhibition stall. The stall provided information about the service, including information about Open Page, such as copies of our recent editions. Open Page members were also on hand to discuss and promote our wonderful publication!

Our roaming reporters spoke to staff at the event who gave comments about the day.

John Cooley: “This event showcases our services and interfaces with public service users and carers. It’s for the trust and shows what it does every year. The stalls are the informal part of it and we’ll hear about achievements of each area. There are six categories and each ward gets nominations, each area from Greenwich, Bexley and Bromley. It’s a way of giving information to people.”

Trevor Eldridge, Director of Greenwich Services said: “It’s a chance for staff and service users to meet and talk it’s a way of the trust saying thanks for all your hard work but there are certain things we still have to do. It’s a way of showing the recovery model for care.”

Kate Fletcher, OT said: “This event is a chance to have fun and mingle with people you don’t usually see. It’s an informal place and every member gets a chance to have their say.”

Lucy Kayiya, Greenwich Carers’ Support Worker Oxleas services: “Today is about raising awareness about the services available in the trust and giving Oxleas an opportunity to learn from the public carers and the service users. Today is also a great networking opportunity for everyone attending and to receive feedback on what has been achieved this year.”

Stephen Firn Chief Executive: Today is a chance to meet governors and staff and learn more about things especially health and wellbeing. It’s a way of promoting mental health and wellbeing in the local population.”

During the formal addresses, Stephen Firn spoke of the challenges to health in a diverse community, the challenges of a big city, the hustle and bustle of London and the burden of mental health and responding to health issues. He spoke of the trust plans. He also stated it was important to:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Keep learning

He identified that there was a need for improvements to already quality care. And that it is essential for outreach work, CBT, talking therapies and complimentary therapies and the need for more psychological therapies and he stated this was being supported by new projects. He also spoke of young people’s projects as well as a pioneering magazine by one group of young people (ESCAPE magazine).

Stephen Firn also spoke of the importance of partnership working in the delivery of effective care. All in all he gave an all-round perspective of encouraging ways forward with health care across the trust.

There were six categories for the awards:

  • Having a user focus: The User/Carer Council judged this runner up to be Jane Anderton, Bromley Sector One Community Mental Health Team, and the winner was Leanne Kalemaj, Greenwich Early Intervention Team.
  • Excellence: The runner up was Gary Winters, Bexleyheath Early Intervention Team, but the overall winner was the Greenwich Advanced Dementia Service.
  • Learning: Open Page magazine made the shortlist! The runners up were Forensic Services - Greenwich Market Stall. The overall winner was the Bromley Assertive Community Treatment Team -  Experts by Experience.
  • Being Responsive: The runner up was the Bromley Mental Health in Learning Disabilities Team. The winner was Cathy Karia, Camden Ward Manager and Marie Bundhoo, Leyton Ward Manager.
  • Partnership Working: The runner up was the Communications Team. The winner was the Arsenal Team, Greenwich Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).
  • Safety: The runners up were Mary Aku Arhin and Navinda Jitu, who are Atlas House Cleaners. The winners were Sarah Littlejohn and Soleman Hossany, from Erith Physical Health Check Clinic.

Well done to all!

Open Page is a magazine produced by Oxleas service users in Greenwich.