Being responsive

Winner: Bracton Centre Reception

The Bracton Reception team are nominated by their nominator as ‘Ambassadors to the Oxleas Values’. The team have to accommodate varying and sometimes challenging situations to ensure the security of the unit as well as being an efficient first point of call for the Bracton and the trust out of hours.

Runner up: Queen Mary’s Hospital Estates Team

The transfer of Queen Mary’s Hospital to Oxleas in October 2013 was no easy task, but was successfully achieved due to the diligence of the Estates Team. The team’s dedication has ensured a successful handover. The team is described by their nominator as a ‘major asset to the trust‘.

Commended: Pete Brown, Greenwich CAMHS

Pete offers support to parents by organising various programmes, sessions and workshops. Following the tragic murder of Lee Rigby, Paul was instrumental in supporting the children and parents of the school located next to the incident. His immediate response to the incident and the support he has offered to both parents and children is both inspiring and demonstrates his dedication to his role.

Commended: Donna Tall, Somerset Villa

Donna is an exceptional nurse with a multitude of skills and talents. She is committed to the care of her patients and her kindness and support has influenced and impacted on the lives of others.

Commended: Temporary Staffing

The Temporary Staffing team go above and beyond to ensure the needs of both our staff and service users are met. The team’s nominator stated that ‘When we say in Oxleas every contact counts, I do believe that this team ensure that this is the case behind the scenes, ensuring that clinicians can carry on with their job and they certainly deserve to be recognised for it!’