Winner: Bluebell House

The service provides respite for children with nursing needs. Bluebell House places the children they care for at the centre of their practice. They go above and beyond to ensure the welfare and happiness of the young people of Bluebell House.

Runner up: Greenwich Home Treatment Team

This ‘exceptionally, hardworking’ team have tirelessly supported the acute wards and the community teams in taking on clients in crisis and early discharge. They have recently obtained accreditation from the Royal College of Psychiatrists for their work. The staff are always ready to go an extra mile to work with the difficulties of the patients, and are willing to contribute to other teams in challenging situations by effective collaboration and risk sharing.

Commended: Clare Best, Bexley Adolescent Team

Clare’s nominator describes Clare’s contribution to the care and treatment of her granddaughter as giving her hope as she states. ‘A year ago I felt I had no hope and now we have hope’. Clare’s empathetic and professional nature ensures that those who she cares for receive the best possible service.

Commended: Zita Oni and Bilkish Budaly, Zypadhera Clinic

Zita and Bilkish have worked hard to create the Zypadhera depot clinic, the only known clinic of its kind. The clinic puts the needs of the clients first and ensures that they have a comfortable experience when the service is used.

Commended: Rebecca Cookson, Atlas House

Rebecca ensures that her patients are well cared for and she is greatly appreciated by those who she looks after.