Winner: Early Intervention Team/Charlton Athletic Community Trust

The Early Intervention Team and Charlton Athletic Community Trust have produced, in partnership, a project that enables individuals with complex needs to come together, collaborate and work as a team. This gives them access to facilities around the community which they may not have previously had the opportunity to use.

Runner up: Dementia Care Tool Team

The individuals responsible for making the Dementia Care Tool a great success are spread throughout the trust. By working collaboratively, this team has produced training programmes so that dementia can be better understood by staff and service users alike.

Commended: Karis Lloyd, Bexley Learning Disability Team

Karis is greatly valued by all in her team. She will go beyond her remit to make sure that the best possible service can be provided. As the first point of contact for her team, she is highly regarded by service users and her compassionate nature is an asset to both herself and the team.

Commended: PALS and Complaints Team

The PALS and Complaints Team work hard to help our service users and have to deal with a number of difficult and complex situations sensitively to ensure that the best service is being provided. One nominator comments about PALS visits to Step Up Step Down and the Bevan Unit, saying ‘Caroline and Linda have carried out their visits enthusiastically and not missed a single week and have made a huge impact on the way that patients are cared for in intermediate care.’

Commended: Clare Butler and Helen Le Gear, Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service

Clare and Helen work with a variety of different children’s services therefore their nomination for the partnership award is most fitting. Their nominator has described them as showing ‘a continuous enthusiasm on behalf of the children and young people, many of whom had a difficult start in life.’ Their dedication to communication with children is an example of how Clare and Helen deliver the best possible service.