Winner: Complex Wound Care and Patient Safety, Complex Wound Care Team & Juliet Blenman, PUPS

The team’s nominator has described the team as ‘working tirelessly’ to ensure that their patients receive the best care possible. The team are dedicated to providing the best service and are willing to advise and work with nurses from all directorates to ensure that this is possible. Additionally, the PUPs initiative has drastically changed the treatment and the way in which pressure ulcers are regarded. The hard work and passion put into improving patient care by Juliet is inspiring and a credit to the Complex Wound Care and Patient Safety Team.

Runner up: Fresh Air Project, Bracton Centre

The project has given service users the support needed to quit smoking. Implemented by both service users and staff members, the Fresh Air Project has seen great success with smoking cessation trust wide.

Commended: Dr Samanta Nagpal and Komba Dabundeh, Norman Ward

These colleagues went beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of a patient in a life threatening circumstance. Their bravery and dedication to the care of others is admirable as their nominator believes they should be recognised due to: ‘their  efforts, hard work and caring attitude to a patient who at that time was feeling utterly worthless.’

Commended: Healthy Ageing Nursing Team

The team works hard to ensure that their patients have a better quality of life. Their efforts have ensured a better way of life for many of their patients with the provision of smoking and drinking cessation as well as exercise programmes. Consisting of three senior nurses, their focus is ‘to identify and manage cardiovascular and dementia risk factors in housebound clients’.

Commended: Seb Vaisanen, Older Adults Community Mental Health Team (Bromley)

Seb’s dedication and commitment to his role ensures that the welfare and needs of his clients are met and prioritised. With a ‘smile on his face’ Seb provides the highest quality of care and is greatly valued by both staff and service users.