Being responsive

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Staff Recognition Awards 2015: Being Responsive


Greenwich Intermediate Care Unit (GICU)
Eltham Community Hospital

Runner up

William Morris Team
William Morris Unit
Bracton Centre


Memory Service Administration Team (Bexley)
The Memory Service
Upton Centre

The Recognition Awards were presented at our Annual Members' Meeting on 30 September 2015 in categories based on our six values with one additional category for leading and inspiring.

We received 205 nominations from service users, carers, members, staff and colleagues in partner organisations which made choosing the winners particularly hard.

The awards were judged by a panel including governors, staff and board members.

Thank you to everyone who made a nomination, and congratulations to all who were nominated.

Greenwich Intermediate Care Unit (GICU), Eltham Community Hospital

It’s not easy to transfer a whole service from one place to another but this unit managed it in just one day.

Patient disturbance was kept to a minimum and services were run as usual thanks to staff working extra hours. The length of stay has reduced from 6 weeks to 28 days, the unit supports A&E at busy times and they’ve taken on more complex clients.

Staff are described as supportive, friendly, warm, professional and a team that loves coming to work.

William Morris Team, Bracton Centre

Patients describe the team as dedicated, supportive, welcoming and there when needed.

The team has helped many patients to understand their conditions, with one saying he’d have been in prison without their help. Another said he felt welcome and at ease having been referred to the centre.

Memory Service Administration Team (Bexley)

By nature in this service, patients forget their appointments but not with the admin team calling and getting in touch with a much-appreciated and gentle reminder.

They know their patients well, showing an enormous amount of insight and empathy in working with memory loss. Sometimes, they have the same conversations many times with patients but their professionalism means they are treated with respect and friendliness.