Having a user focus

The Recognition Awards were presented at our Annual Members' Meeting on 30 September 2015 in categories based on our six values with one additional category for leading and inspiring.

We received 205 nominations from service users, carers, members, staff and colleagues in partner organisations which made choosing the winners particularly hard.

The awards were judged by a panel including governors, staff and board members.

Thank you to everyone who made a nomination, and congratulations to all who were nominated.

Alfred Muana - Staff Nurse

Several nominations were sent in for Alfred, who is described as helpful, caring, attentive, compassionate, kind, generous, happy and a good listener.

He works at a ‘first class' level, and one person said he helped him to get back on his feet. Another said the care given to his brother was ‘beyond duty'. He's also a good listener, and helped many patients to feel happier during their time with Oxleas.

Bexley Community Mental Health Team

One person who nominated the team said they'd never had care like that given here at Oxleas before.

Others said the team keeps people informed, provides excellent support and helps people to cope on the ward. Many of the patients who nominated the team cited their dedication, huge effort and compassion with the aim of helping patients to cope and look to recovery.

Catherine Edmeades, Podiatry Clinical Lead

Catherine has great rapport with patients, is always available to help and advise, taking their best interests into account.

One said she's saved his toes not once but twice and another said her care helped to save his leg. It's not just the patients who sing her praises - her team also nominated her for her work on their rotas, which have brought better team cohesion and working relations with each other.