The Recognition Awards were presented at our Annual Members' Meeting on 30 September 2015 in categories based on our six values with one additional category for leading and inspiring.

We received 205 nominations from service users, carers, members, staff and colleagues in partner organisations which made choosing the winners particularly hard.

The awards were judged by a panel including governors, staff and board members.

Thank you to everyone who made a nomination, and congratulations to all who were nominated.

Carol Paton and Pharmacy Team

Can you imagine what 12,000 items of medication looks like? That’s how many are given out by the team each month.

Carol is a walking encyclopaedia of mental health medication, described as ‘unique’ in one nomination. Carol and the team not only provide a high service to Oxleas, but other trusts too. The team ensures that prescribing is safe and efficiently supplied.

Kevin Clinch and Lynda Beaupierre, Greenwich Mental Health Liaison Team

Last May, Kevin and Lynda introduced an improvement project to enhance the quality of personalised and integrated care, aiming to promote and increase user involvement in their care planning.

An audit this year showed it to be a success, with patients saying their needs were conveyed in their own words in plain English. The views of the patient, carers, families and wider support networks have all been incorporated. The template they developed has been shared across Oxleas.

Ryan Lord, Combined Service Administrator

Ryan's efficiency and organised methods of recording data has meant his team has been able to improve their own organisation, development and responsiveness.

He can provide immediate analysis of the team's performance, calculate capacity and forecast future demand, allowing careful and responsive planning.

He's performed above and beyond his role, is always willing to help and is an approachable and popular member of the team.