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This team deals with all referrals to adult mental health services in the borough of Bexley.

A team member will conduct an initial assessment of your needs and place you with the most relevant team within the service or suggest other appropriate services including voluntary sector organisations.


  • Mental health services: Working age adults
Erith Centre

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How to find us:

Bus routes: B12, 229, 469.

Trains: The nearest train stations are Erith and Barnehurst, approximately a ten minute walk away.

Parking: There is ample onsite parking available.


Erith Centre
Park Crescent


Public phone number:

020 36689 490


I received an excellent service when i became unwell due to my previously diagnosed bipolar disorder. Services and support were second to none. Mental health teams historically existed to deal with severe and enduring mental illness, such as bipolar, schizonphrenia and psychosis, even dementia but are now inindated with largely younger people unable to emotionally cope with lifes pressures who become anxious and then depressed. Fortunately this type of mental health condition can be reversed by talking and talking therapies and by making healthy wellbeing choices. Anxiety is self perrpetuating and only you can get off the speeding bus if you decide so self help is the first way to tackle it. Other types of mental illness cannot just be treated with just talking therapies in this kind of way and require all of the above, medication and even hospitalisation when capacity does not exist. The day centre was great and the medication helped and i am remaining on it and stable today. I know I will have a blip again when i dont get the balance right but mental illness is manageble and we just have to keep working at it. The trick is to understand it yourself as even the mental health teams are not mind readers. You can want to end your life, but if you have capacity to make that choice then you will not be forced to have treatment or sectioned. Just because I have a life long mental illness doesnt mean i cannot do anything to understand or support my own mental health. Sadly funding from central government is not there so you have to think about going private even if you cant afford it. Its not the mental health teams fault though as they are doing what they can for the people that do not have any capacity to keep themselves and others safe. Thank you Oxleas.

My daughter was referred to this centre from our GP, after showing worrying signs of mental heath, anxiety and concerns for her own safety! WHAT A JOKE THIS PLACE IS!!!
We was told the appointment would be 45 minutes but there was no rush!! After 1/2 hour the lady started to look at her watch, then decided to start printing information off that we had already been given from our GP, which I had explained to her, she just continued to print off and said just take them. I presume so she could say she had done something!! She told us she would have a meeting and would let us know the outcome. She phoned the next day to say it wasn't what she first thought and would be in touch! We didn't hear from them again. A while later while my daughter was at the GPs she said it showed on her records that the Erith centre had diagnosed her with adjustment disorder/personality disorder!! We was told they would discharge her as she no longer needed their help!!! A year on my daughter has continued to struggle and tried to take her own life!! A referral was again sent to the centre from our GP after my daughter saw a psychiatrist for another condition that she has, they have concerns that her condition isn't being addressed. she received a letter from the centre to say that she would get a call that would last 1/2 hour!!! The call lasted 5 minutes and all the woman said was why would you want to take your life!!! We was told by our GP that it would probably be best to see a private psychiatrist to try and get help quicker, which last week we did!! You guessed it my daughter has been WRONGLY DIAGNOISED SHAME ON YOU!!! My daughter has been given the wrong medication and care due to your negligence!!! No wonder she isn't improving without the correct support.

I have two incredibly vulnerable female friends who have been referred to this service after displaying severe anxiety and panic after sustained traumatic experiences - and come off WORSE as a result of their assessments and subsequent treatment. Both were diagnosed as having Boarderline Personality Disorder when neither of them actually display the majority of symptoms, then immediately discharged from the service just having had that bomb dropped on their heads. Either the service is run by idiots or sadists and I'm genuinely unsure as to which would frighten me more. How you can just drop an extremely fragile and frightened woman not once, but twice is completely beyond belief. I feel sorry for all the people discharged by your service who don't have friends to pick them back up after you drop them.

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