Podiatry Service Greenwich

The Podiatry service accepts written referrals directly from patients/ carers/ advocates (self-referral), GPs and other health care professionals.

All patients will be offered an initial new patient assessment appointment. If a patient has been reviewed, assessed as low risk and discharged, a following referral for the same condition will not be accepted if it’s within 12 months.

All referrals are triaged every day by a podiatrist based on what information has been provided on the referral form (download below).

To refer, please email your form to: oxl-tr.Podiatry@nhs.net

If you need to speak to someone, please call our Central Access Team (CAT) on 020 8320 3550.

Please do not call clinics directly - they will refer you back to the CAT number.

Referral criteria

We will only accept a referral if it meets our criteria:

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Patients registered with a Greenwich GP including those living within Nursing Care Homes/ residential care homes
  • Aged 18 years and above.

We do not take referrals for:

  • Personal Footcare defined as toe nail cutting
  • Skin care including tasks healthy adults would normally carry out as part of their everyday personal hygiene
  • Annual diabetic foot checks for those who do not meet the eligibility criteria - please ask your GP.

Foot Health Education Sessions

Join us at our education sessions run by our podiatry team, to find out top tips for keeping your feet healthy and problem-free.

The two-hour sessions are for new and existing patients.

Oxleas Patient Experience survey

The Oxleas Patient Experience survey gives you the opportunity to feedback on the care and treatment you have received. We also encourage your friends, family and carers to also provide feedback. Hearing your views gives us a better understanding of the needs of our patients, families and carers which helps us to make sure that we are providing a good standard of care. 

The short survey only takes a few minutes to complete and you can provide a written comment explaining what you think is working well and what is not. The Patient Experience team will collect the results of the surveys and these are shared with the relevant departments and management teams. This helps us to shape our services to continually improve the quality of the care and treatment we provide.

GP referral information

Fax number:

020 8320 3567 (secure fax)

This service is directly bookable through Choose and Book.

For housebound clients or urgent podiatry referrals which include open wounds on the foot, ulceration, ulcer, gangrene, acute charcot foot, diabetic with infection, necrosis and necrotic, please call our Central Access Team.

The Podiatry team is open between 8.30am and 4.30pm.



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Public phone number:

Call our Central Access Team on 020 8320 3550, Monday to Friday (8.30 - 4.30)

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