Bromley Locality Mental Health Service Bromley

When you are referred to mental health services by your GP (and you are aged between 18 and 64), the locality team will accept the referral and a team member will carry out an assessment of your needs. They will then decide with you which part of the service will best meet your needs. 

If it is agreed that you do not need their services, they will refer you back to your GP and advise them on how they can help you.

GP referral information

Phone number for GPs:

Bromley East Primary Care Plus (Carlton Parade)
01689 892300

Bromley West Primary Care Plus (Yeoman House)
020 8659 2151

Fax number:

Bromley East (Carlton Parade)
01689 879 051

Bromley West (Yeoman House)
020 8778 6104

To refer to the Primary Care Plus (PCP) team, please fax through a brief referral letter to the appropriate number above.

Please refer to the attached locality map for your correct team.

  • Urgent referrals will be telephone triaged within 24 hours, and if needed will receive a same day face to face assessment from our crisis service.
  • Referrals marked as suspected first episode psychosis will be seen face to face by the Early Intervention in Psychosis team within 2 weeks.
  • All other referrals will have an initial telephone triage contact, before the referral is then passed on for further assessment, brief intervention in primary care plus or signposting to other services.
  • Advice on management of clinical cases is available by phone or email from the primary care plus consultants.



  • Mental health services: Working age adults

Public phone number:

Orpington (Carlton Parade)
01689 892 300

Penge (Yeoman House)
020 8659 2151