Department of Podiatric Surgery Greenwich

Podiatric Surgery is the surgery of foot and ankle performed by Podiatric Surgeons. This service delivers an efficient and effective Consultant led service providing high quality clinical care to patients with foot or ankle pathology.

We seek to improve patients' quality of life through the resolution of their foot pain. The department strives to make the most efficient use of resources to maximise patient care. The best use of resources may mean using other healthcare services and expertise, where onward referral is appropriate.

We are able to provide a comprehensive range of surgical treatments including: soft tissue lesions such Morton’s neuroma; bone surgery to correct bunion deformities, osteoarthritis of the big toe joints and problems such as claw and hammertoe deformities.

This surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia and undertaken at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup on a day case basis, so there is no need to stay in hospital overnight, with all aftercare of patients carried out by the Department of Podiatric surgery.

Patients in the Greenwich Borough can access the service via referral to the service from their GP via Circle Health Hub.

What is a Podiatric Surgeon?...

Oxleas Patient Experience survey

The Oxleas Patient Experience survey gives you the opportunity to feedback on the care and treatment you have received. We also encourage your friends, family and carers to also provide feedback. Hearing your views gives us a better understanding of the needs of our patients, families and carers which helps us to make sure that we are providing a good standard of care. 

The short survey only takes a few minutes to complete and you can provide a written comment explaining what you think is working well and what is not. The Patient Experience team will collect the results of the surveys and these are shared with the relevant departments and management teams. This helps us to shape our services to continually improve the quality of the care and treatment we provide.

GP referral information

Referral to be directed to the Department of Podiatric Surgery via Circle Health Hub.

We provide the highest quality foot surgery care with an extensive audit process to support this.

Patients are provided with comprehensive pre-operative information to help in their decision regarding their treatment plan and have the opportunity to discuss this fully before committing to any treatment.

We offer reassurance and security to the patient and encourage a relaxed safe working environment. Patients are treated as effectively as possible respecting their medical, social and religious backgrounds.

Patients over the age of 18 years are accepted regardless of gender, disability or culture.

The three C’s of good practice in podiatric surgery


  • Community health services (adults)

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Department of Podiatric Surgery
Garland Road Heath Centre
2 Garland Rd

SE18 2AE

Public phone number:

020 8305 7648

  • Monday 9:30-3:30
  • Tuesday 8:30-5:30
  • Wednesday 8:30-5:30
  • Thursday 8:30-5:30
  • Friday 9:30-3:30

An on-call service is available to all people who have a surgical emergency.​