Chair’s Commendation


The Burgess Team, the Bracton Centre

The Burgess Team at the Bracton Centre have been awarded a Chair’s Commendation in recognition of their remarkable journey of recovery and healing following an incident last summer when two members of staff were seriously injured.

The team has cared for and supported each other and patients on the path to recovery, continuing to provide excellent care for patients. We would also like to recognise the work of the wider staff group at the Bracton, who bravely sought to assist their colleagues to keep patients safe and for those who have worked tirelessly since to ensure everyone received the support they need to help them come to terms with what happened.

Barbara Doolin, cashier

Cashier Barbara Doolin divides her time between the Bracton Centre, Memorial and Green Parks House. Through her conscientious and diligent approach to work, she raised concerns about patients’ petty cash funds which resulted in an audit. Fraudulent activity was uncovered and a subsequent court case was successful.

Barbara works tirelessly to ensure policies and procedures are in place to prevent further fraudulent activity and is pivotal in ensuring her team are fully trained and on the look-out for anything of concern.

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