Greenwich Immunisation Team

The Immunisation Team provides vaccines to children in 104 schools across Greenwich; the flu vaccine for primary schools and a range of vaccines in secondary schools.

The school programmes involve a huge amount of liaison with parents/carers, schools and pupils to ensure targets are met and vaccines are given.

The programmes are organised by the admin staff, which involves obtaining lists of students, ordering vaccines, organising dates to attend schools, delivering and collecting consents from schools, inputting data on RiO for each vaccination given and uploading consent forms.

The nurses check every form returned, to ensure that it is safe for the child concerned to receive the vaccination, often calling parents to check the child’s health or even to see if the child has been using their asthma inhaler before having the nasal flu vaccination. They also give assemblies to students at school.


Robert Barnes, work skills instructor

Andi Janko and Babatunde Adigun, physiotherapists

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