Qi project: The Tarn, Oxleas House

The impact of occupational therapy interventions on mental wellbeing in a psychiatric intensive care unit at Oxleas House, Greenwich

Project lead:

Georgia Ntzimani, Occupational Therapist

Reason for project:

This project focuses on staff working in partnership with service users to improve mental health and wellbeing and prevent violence and aggression.

Our aim:

Activities are important in wellbeing and achieving a balanced lifestyle. Taking part in activities can also help to prevent violence and aggression, helping to mantain a safe ward environment.

Occupational therapists lead focused sessions that support service users in reaching their potential and having a meaningful life.

What we did:

In May 2017 a new occupational therapy (OT) programme started on The Tarn. This involved patients and staff working together to select activities structured around daily routines.

These activities included relaxation, physical exercise, creative groups and one-one sessions. A timetable was then created. Service users were encouraged to identify their mood difference before and after an OT session.


  • OT interventions are having a positive impact on service users’ mental wellbeing, promoting stability in mental state and recovery
  • Results show that implementation of a timetable of OT activity had a significant positive impact on the wellbeing of service users
  • There were 25 fewer incidents of violence and aggression in 2017/18 compared to 2016/ 2017
  • A daily community meeting now takes place where service users and staff plan their day.

Qi Mood Scored

"Gina (OT) took my mind
off things that make me
sad, stressed and unhappy.
It even made my mum
happy because she likes
painting and flowers. Gina
got me painting flowers
for my mum."

Tarn service user

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