Therapeutic Responses to Families in Crisis

DVD cover: Therapeutic responses to families in crisisWe are proud to present this documentary film about Family Therapy.

The film follows Adam, aged 10, and Ryan, aged 16.  Adam, Ryan and their families receive therapeutic help from a family therapy team based in Greenwich CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) in London, England.

This special version of the film, released in collaboration with ZKK (who originally produced the film for the BBC) is now available on DVD. It can be purchased from Oxleas and is intended for training and educational purposes.

The film should be of interest to: 

  • Systemic family therapists and trainers / trainees in family therapy
  • Health and social care professionals in CAMHS and elsewhere 
  • Potential recipients of family therapy.

To give you a flavour of the film, a number of short clips are availalbe to watch below.

The DVD contains:

  • The original film, divided into two 25 minutes sections especially suitable for use in training contexts and with additional footage not shown at the time of transmission
  • Restored footage of some of the process elements of family therapy
  • Examples of two reflecting team variations – reflecting puppet shows and reflecting role plays
  • Interviews with the director, researcher and clinic coordinator
  • Interviews with both families two years after filming.

* The original film ‘I Hate Mum’ was broadcast on BBC1 in February 2010.

Video clips

Photograph of sign outside the Greenwich CAMHS centreIntroduction to CAMHS and the family therapy team approach (1.05 min)

Melissa Aitken in sessionMelissa Aitken, leads a family therapy session with Adam & family (1.15 min)

Alison Martin using a puppet in therapyBen Wellens and Alison Martin in one of the Reflecting Puppet Shows (1.22 min)

Ryan on a sofa at home talking to his motherRyan to talks to his mother, Cathy, about visiting his father (0.52 min)

Daniel Fromm being interviewedDaniel Fromm, Director, talks about observing behind the mirror (0.56 min)


"This is an inspiring and creative account of how a skilled family therapy team can contribute towards positive and lasting emotional change in family relationships.

It is also a wonderful example of both the team approach between professionals helping those who come for help in difficult times and, also, of how to foster a respectful partnership between professionals and families”.

Dr Barry Mason, Institute of Family Therapy, London.