How can I get back into employment? - Video

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How can I get back into employment? (Video file)

How can I get back into employment?

Oxleas employment advisors support service users who are ready to return to work or education. In this film, Frederica Joseph outlines the range of help and advice they provide.

Hello, my name is Frederica Joseph and I am the Community Resources & Employment Coordinator based at the Recovery Team in Greenwich. I manage a team of 5 Employment Advisors who work with clients from the borough of Greenwich.

Employment Advisors give advice, information and support to clients seeking paid employment; volunteering placements or who want to increase their skills thorough training and/or further education.

This includes guidance on areas such as searching for jobs and volunteering opportunities; interview preparation; CV and application writing, and educational options.

For example, one of our advisors is involved with a project in partnership with Greenwich Local Labour and Business and Greenwich Education & Training Advice. The aim of the City Skills Partnership project is to help people claiming incapacity benefits achieve their vocational and educational goals while also increasing mental health awareness in partner agencies.

Once an opportunity has been gained, Employment Advisors continue to support clients by telephone or with practical assistance over an agreed time-period which will depend upon the client's needs.