Inpatient admission - older adults: A carer's experience - Video

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Inpatient admission - older adults: A carer's experience (Video file)

Inpatient admission - older adults: A carer's experience

Sandra Sweetman explains how she was reassured by the excellent care her mother received in an older adults inpatient unit.

Hello, my name is Sandra Sweetman and I care for my mother Luciana who is now 84 and has suffered from depression for most of her life.

When in 2002 it was suggested that Mum be admitted to an older adults inpatient psychiatric unit I was to say the least very apprehensive. But it was nothing at all as I had expected it to be.  Mum had her own en suite room which was kept clean at all times, as were all the other areas on the ward.

The staff are some of the kindest people I have ever met, their patience with all the patients, even the most difficult - of which my mother could be one -  was impeccable. No matter how busy they were they always made time for them and their relatives.

So when mum was readmitted recently I had no worries whatsoever. As it turned out she was there for 10 months and I enjoyed getting to know staff and patients as I spent nearly every day there.

I really hope that my message will be of help and comfort to anyone who is worried about a relative or friend being admitted.