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Linda Sanders talks about the important contribution that volunteers make to the work of the trust and also about the benefits of volunteering to the volunteers themselves.

I’m Linda Sanders, the Voluntary Services Manager for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. Volunteers are an invaluable resource to the trust. Their time, commitment, dedication and skills make an important contribution to the quality of the services we deliver.

We recruit volunteers for a wide range of activities including befriending, gardening, driving, and for the snack shops at Memorial Hospital on Shooter’s Hill and Oxleas House at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich.

People volunteer for a variety of reasons – especially wanting to help others. But it’s also ok for them to want some benefits themselves from their volunteering experience.

For example, volunteering can give people new skills and experience that can help them to find work. And for volunteers who are recovering from mental illness, it can help them to build their confidence and self-esteem, make new friends and gain a sense of purpose.

Volunteers work with our staff as a team and make a positive difference. They provide a personal and human element to patient care and their skills, energy, life experience and commitment all complement trust activities.

Volunteering is not about ‘charity’ and ‘giving’, but involves working together for mutual benefit. It’s about contributing existing skills, learning new skills and brings benefits for both the volunteer and the trust.

If you’d like to find out about opportunities to volunteer, call me, Linda Sanders, on 020 8836 8510.