What is family therapy? (CAMHS) - Video

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What is family therapy? (CAMHS) (Video file)

What is family therapy? (CAMHS)

This video clip uses a 'mobile' to illustrate how family members are linked to each other in a relational way rather than functioning as separate individuals where there is no connection or influence on one another.

Family therapy is about how families get on together – helping families to communicate more effectively. 

If I can use this mobile to illustrate the situation. If one child has a difficulty it affects all family members, so if I pull on this lion here, you’ll see that all the other family members are moving, so how this one child reacts, we’re also interested in how the other family members respond to that.

Family therapy tends to take things a bit further than that, but also focuses on the other family members - how do they communicate and talk to the child who has the presenting problem, because how these people react to this person affects the whole family in terms of patterns of communication and relationships.