Care planning - Video

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Care planning (Video file)

Care planning

This film explains how the trust plans your care from your initial assessment through to writing and reviewing your care plan.

My name is Debbie Butler and I’m Oxleas’ Clinical Lead for RiO, our electronic patient information system.

When you are referred to Oxleas’ services we will first assess your needs. If they are not complex, your care will be called standard care. If they are complex, your care will be called the care programme approach, or CPA.

An assessment is where we find out about you and what you need to improve your life, including what has helped in the past, any medication you are taking and if you have any physical health problems. The assessment will be led by a trained member of our mental health team, and could be a psychiatrist, nurse, or other team member.

Following the assessment, we will work together with you to write your care plan. This details the care and treatment you will receive, who will provide it and when it will be reviewed. It will include information about your condition and any medication you are taking. If you are on standard care, your care plan will be in a letter that will be given to you and your GP. If you are receiving care under care programme approach - or CPA, your care plan will be more detailed, including how we plan to help you and goals that you will agree with your care coordinator.

Your care coordinator is responsible for keeping in contact with you and everyone else involved in your care and will oversee your care plan and make sure it is working for you.

Your care plan will be reviewed regularly. A review is where you meet with the professional or team providing your care to discuss how things are going, agree if any changes are needed, and when your treatment will be completed. For those on standard care, this meeting will be every three months. If you are on CPA, there will be a more formal meeting every six months. If you like, you can have a relative or friend with you at the review.

Our staff follow a strict code of conduct on confidentiality, and will only share information with those who need to know, such as your GP or Social Services employees.

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please contact your care coordinator.