Launching the new CLDT questionnaire - Video

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Launching the new CLDT questionnaire

The Service User Experience Group 'Video Box'.

People with Learning Disabilities were invited to have their say about the community learning disability team (CLDT) services they use. We asked them what they thought about the day.

What did you think of today?

Very interesting yes

What was interesting about it? 

One of the guys can’t remember his name with the green t-shirt he did the interviews and I thought that was very interesting what he does there 

Good excellent, what about you Mark, what did you think was good about today?

Today I liked the food they do 


And I like the way it was very interesting what you been saying and that 

Good, excellent 

It was helpful the way for the learning disability and learning disability helping out 

Right was it easy to understand?


It was good 

Very good 

Yeah what in particular did you like about it?

Talk to people, being nice talking to people 

When you say talk to people was it nice to talk to people you had already meet, old friends or any new people?

Yeah old friends 

So the chance to see old friends..

What did you think about the food?

You said Mark that you liked the food 


Was there enough?

Plenty yes 

I loved the food it was lovely, lovely and healthy 

Was it good, glad you think so 

Better then all that junk food that other people have 

Food was nice

Good was there enough 

Yeah more then enough 

Good excellent 

It was nice 

Yeah was there enough 

Yeah (laughs) 

And what about things to drink, was the drink alright?

Yeah drinks were alright enough drink yeah 

What did you like about the talks?

I loved that you were able to get together and actually know everyone there 

Yeah that was good was it was good to meet people 


Did you see old friends, or meet new people or both?

I meet new people then there was Stephen and Darren and they’re lovely

It was good meeting people, showing people the leaflets that LD show are a good thing because of the pictures and words 

What were the questions like? Did you understand them all?

It was good all the talks and that the people explaining the questionnaires 

Yeah I understood every single question on the leaflet 

Were they easy to answer or hard to answer?

Yeah I think they were easy to answer, some of them were easier to answer, then there were difficult questions where you had to ask people what to put down because I didn’t quiet understand some of the question 

Did you both do an interview?


Did you do one each or one between two of you or one together ?

We done them separate 

And did you have separate people help you out? 

Yes we did 

What did you think of that doing it?

It was good 

Do you think you got enough support to fill the leaflet out?


Yeah you got enough help from colleges to do that 


And is there any thing we should do differently about the leaflets, anything we should change on it?

No they’re perfect 

So did you fill it in, in a group with other people, or on your own?

No with other people 

Could you remember the questions were any of them to hard or difficult questions?


Yeah what was hard about them, can you remember?

Because I don’t know how to spell or anything that’s why someone helped me with it 

Did you get enough support with it with filling in the questions, writing them down?