SALT service to mainstream schools and DSPs - Video

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SALT service to mainstream schools and DSPs

Short film by the Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service at Oxleas.

Once a child starts in Primary or Secondary school in Greenwich, they can be seen by a named Speech and Language Therapist in that school.

Every Primary and Secondary School in Greenwich has a Speech and Language Therapist who visits regularly.
The service is very well established and most schools choose to buy in extra, weekly time to support their children and staff.

“The school buys into the service because it’s incredibly good value for money and the great thing about it is it’s a huge benefit to the children.”

The Speech and Language Therapist focuses on developing functional communication skills in areas including social communication, social interaction, stammering, understanding and use of language as well as identifying and pronouncing sounds.

“I think the students do find it fun and I think that helps them a lot because they don’t really think that they’re doing work because it’s fun, but they are actually learning through the fun and it helps the teacher and it helps the Therapist, because you get more out the children that way.”

Many children are referred to the service by school staff who have identified concerns about their communication skills.

However, we have an open referral system so any one can refer to the service, providing we have parental consent.

When we receive a referral, the child or young person will be assessed in school within twelve weeks. This could include meeting the child on their own, observing them in school situations, discussing concerns with school staff, and discussing concerns with parents.

Following assessment the Therapist will provide advice on how best to support the child’s communication needs, and may design a specifically tailored intervention package to be delivered in school.

Interviewer: “Can you tell us why you like Speech and Language?”

Child: “Because I learn new things and when the teacher’s talking, you put your hand up and you listen and learn new words.”

Within a mainstream school, the Speech and Language Therapist offers a range of services to facilitate communication development across the school population.

These include: delivering direct intervention tailored to specific children’s needs; training for staff on various topics and strategies related to communication; specialist in-class support to facilitate learning, whole school or year group work and advice on making classrooms communication friendly, to name but a few.

“If my students hadn’t had speech and language therapy they would probably find the classroom a quite difficult place to be involved with due to their needs. Having structured strategies to be able to deal with everyday life in the classroom, allows them to achieve more.”

If you’re concerned about any aspect of a child’s communication and would like them to be seen by a Speech and Language Therapist, download a referral form from our website or alternatively, speak to the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at your child’s school.

We want to help all children and young people reach their full potential and communication is crucial for all educational and social aspects of life.