Volunteer to Work scheme (V2W) - Video

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Volunteer to Work scheme (V2W) (Video file)

Volunteer to Work scheme (V2W)

This film describes how Oxleas supports people who use our services into paid employment through work placements, supervision and job search support.

Oxleas’ Volunteer to Work (V2W) scheme supports people who use our mental health services and are ready for paid employment. It provides an opportunity for them to volunteer for the trust and then supports them to apply for jobs both within the trust and with external employers.  

Since the scheme began in early 2010 it has been very popular with service users and over 25 people are now on work placements across the trust.

We are committed to V2W because the stigma associated with mental health conditions can make it hard for people to find volunteering opportunities, let alone paid employment.

V2W offers current Oxleas service users a chance to get a 12-18 month voluntary placement within the trust. The scheme helps people to work towards getting back into employment by regaining their social skills and building their confidence and self-esteem. After three months, people taking part are eligible to gain a reference from Oxleas.

People aiming for part time employment spend 16-18 hours per week on placement while those wanting to work full time spend 37 hours.

While on placement, they are supported by a network including the social inclusion project manager, placement supervisor and their care coordinator.

If you are a service user or carer interested in joining the scheme, you can apply by filling out an application of interest. You can tell your care coordinator you are interested or contact the social inclusion project manager directly. 

For more information, please call the social inclusion project manager on 020 8301 9487.