Oxleas Band 5 Nurses Recruitment

There is a national shortage of qualified nurses in the NHS and in particular, we need to recruit Band 5 RGNs.
Nursing agencies are able to offer more in take home pay than the NHS - although this comes at the expense of other benefits the NHS provides such as pension, training, supervision and career development.

We have created a new pay offering, which is open to all band 5 nurses at Oxleas and will allow the choice of taking either the standard NHS pay scheme, or one that has an enhanced rate of pay, which when combined with additional pay for unsocial hours, will equal the pay offered by many agencies.

Accessing this offer means you would not be a member of the NHS pension scheme, we will instead be paying you directly the money that we would have paid into the NHS Pension Scheme on your behalf.

Apart from not having an NHS pension, there are no other differences with a standard NHS job. You would have the same entitlements to annual leave, sick pay, and training and you can change your mind and move between the two pay offers at any time. We also offer a third pension option which allows you to join the National Employment Savings Trust (or NEST) pension scheme.

The Band 5 salary scales document sets out the different rates of pay and shows what your pension would be in the standard NHS pay scheme.

Being a member of the NHS Pensions scheme does offer benefits and assurances in addition to just those related to retirement. Download the NHS Pension Scheme Guide for members to find out more.

Why are we making this offer?

Delivering quality services is our priority and we believe that a permanent workforce provides better and more effective care than a temporary one. The primary reason for this initiative is to fill our qualified nursing vacancies with our own nurses and employ fewer agency nurses, as we believe this improves the quality of care we provide to our patients. Many nurses have already chosen not to join the NHS pension by working for agencies and we are trying to attract these nurses to work for Oxleas by offering enhanced rates of pay.

Will this save Oxleas money?

The purpose of offering this new rate of pay is to maintain best quality services for our patients, whilst minimising the use of agencies and offering nurses a choice. The trust makes no direct savings through this initiative. Any savings we make will be through improved recruitment and not paying fees to agencies.

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