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Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust provides a wide range of health care services to patients across the boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Kent with the aim of improving their quality of life through excellence in healthcare provision.

We provide services across all age groups from infants to older adults and deliver services to support physical and mental health needs including learning disabilities, Community Paediatrics and Contraception and Sexual Health Services. Our services are delivered across a very wide range of settings, from people’s own homes through prisons.

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Directions for medics in Oxleas

In Oxleas we believe that individuals should be supported to thrive and achieve their full potential; as such the wellbeing of our workforce is of paramount importance. We have a well-developed culture of nurturing leadership which plays an important role in providing support within our multidisciplinary teams. This in turn translates into the delivery of safe and effective patient care. We additionally recognise that the challenges experienced by doctors in training are mitigated through our supportive working environment. Finally, Oxleas strategic approach is to support the future growth of the medical workforce through our popular sixth form work experience scheme.

Appraisal and revalidation

In Oxleas we believe that reflective nature of medical appraisals encourages shared learning and promotes quality improvement which leads to better patient outcomes. We operate a peer appraisal system with a pool of trained appraisers who share their knowledge and understanding to ensure that there is consistency in our approach. 

Opportunities for training

There is a wide range of services within Community Paediatrics with a breadth of formal and informal development opportunities for doctors which include MDT and outreach clinics, shadowing and peer reviews. These opportunities improve shared learning, individual and team performance and clinical practice leading to better patient outcomes.

Opportunities for sixth form work experience

The CASH service is a busy but vital service that supports patients in making safe and informed decisions about their sexual health and contraception. There is also a long standing reputation of educating other professionals within this service.

Opportunities for training with respect to the integration between physical and mental health

Where properly managed, the integration of physical and mental health services supports both the early detection of mental health illnesses and the prevention of premature deaths. Our integrated care planning approach improves the recognition and treatment of physical and mental health conditions. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for doctors to acquire the skills and knowledge required to assess and manage physical and mental health problems in tandem.

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