Trust Doctors

We have a small cohort of doctors employed on local terms and conditions. These doctors come to post from various backgrounds.  Some want to take a break from post-graduate training after the Foundation Programme, while others may be doctors new to the UK who wish to gain some NHS experience in a bid to access formal postgraduate medical training.

Whatever their background, these doctors make an important contribution and provide much needed support in the delivery of our services as a Trust. We offer all our Trust doctors an exciting opportunity for career growth and development and provide active support to explore the career options open to them.

Encouragement to shadow a clinical and a non-clinical manager

We offer the opportunity to shadow a manager as part of an overall package to promote the development of leadership skills. Oxleas values its medical workforce and welcomes doctors at all levels. We have structures through which we support and encourage professional and leadership development. We encourage diversity and inclusivity among our workforce which contributes to our delivery of safe and effective patient care.

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