Telemedicine Practice Sharing Project

The Swinfen Charitable Trust was established by Lord and Lady Swinfen in 1999 with a view to connect health care providers in developing countries with expert physical and mental health practitioners using telemedicine links.

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust joined the international Swinfen Charitable network this year, which means that interested practitioners working for Oxleas can join this network to provide free consultations in an effort to reduce health disparities between different countries.

A secure email-based messaging system is used to send messages from health care providers in developing countries to the Swinfen Charitable Trust who will then, in turn, select the experts in the best position to answer the query.

Organisations within the developing world that might send out a query include:

  • China Concern Spring Project, Heng Yang
  • Centre Medical Evangelique, Bunia
  • University of Miami Field Hospital, Port au Prince
  • Khristya Seva Niketan , West Bengal
  • Bugiri Hospital, Bugiri
  • Medical Clinic in the Nepalese Himalayas for 4 villages

Organisations providing expert advice include:

  • University of Virginia
  • Medicine without Borders – Belgium
  • Medicine without Borders – France

If you are interested or would like more information about the Telemedicine Practice Sharing project please contact Japleen Kaur on 020 8301 9438 or

You can also check out the Swinfen Charitable Trust website: