Volunteer to Work (V2W) scheme

We set up the Volunteer to Work scheme (V2W) for people who use our services who have a current care coordinator or key worker. It provides them with an opportunity to embark upon a 12-18 month placement within our services. 

The aim of the scheme is to help service users back into employment by giving them the ability to regain their office based skills, allowing them to increase their level of confidence and self esteem. They slowly build up their hours along the course of the placement and the maximum hours they can do depends on whether they want to go back to part time (16-18 hours) or full time employment (30 hours).

They are supported in this process by the care coordinator for any clinical needs, the social inclusion project manager for any managerial needs and the placement supervisor provides them with supervision and training while in the placement.

At the end of three months they become eligible for a reference from Oxleas and can access all the training that any other staff member of Oxleas can.

If you are interested, would like more information or know/care for someone who may be interested in this scheme, please contact Debbie Goodson on 0208 301 9404 or email her at Deborah.goodson@nhs.net