Patient experience

At Oxleas, the views of our service users and carers are at the heart of improving the way we deliver services. Monitoring how we're doing through the eyes of people who use our services is the most effective way of knowing what we do well and what we can do better.

Our Board members regularly visit teams throughout the trust. An important step, to reassure staff that they are able and encouraged to report any risks or concerns they have. Each visit is undertaken by an executive director, a non-executive director and the service and clinical directors. This ensures that our senior management knows what's going on with patients and frontline staff.


Dr Neil Springham
Director of Therapies and Trust Patient Experience Group Chair

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust is committed to providing the highest standards of care, so we value your feedback.

If you tell us when you are not happy with Oxleas services, we will do what we can to put matters right for you and to improve our services for everybody. Also, if you are particularly happy with the service we want you to tell us why.

You should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. We would like to assure you that making a complaint will not harm or prejudice the care that you, or the person you care for, are given.