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Do you conduct "DiRECT" programme (reverse of Diabetes 2 , non-insulin patient)?

Dear Anne

Following your question on the Oxleas website. We do not offer this programme in Oxleas.

We would be happy to explore further options of support, please request a referral from your GP to the community Diabetes team if you would like to pursue these.

Kind regards
Julie - Diabetes Specialist Nurse


Following on from my last comment of November 10th 2021 after which I spoke to a lovely man who said that my appointment would be in July 2022. I am just getting very anxious about it being nearly July and I don't think I missed a letter but could you please check for me and let me know. Thank you in advance for a swift response to allay my fears. Lea.

Dear Leanna,

Thank you for your comment.
We have contacted you and spoken about your schedule.

Kind regards

Dr Andrea Centonze
Principal Psychologist and Clinical Lead
Oxleas Adult Autism Service

Hello rTMS service
Do you have the TMS coil or coils for the OPC and SMA?

Dear Iain,

Thank you for your interest. We use coils for RTMS.

Kind regards

Jeck Ding
ECT Manager
Woodlands Unit

I spoke to my GP quite a few months ago as we have concerns with our sons development who is 2.5. We suspect ASD, the GP advised they will do a referral and we did receive a letter saying he was on the waiting list but we are yet to receive an appointment. Nursery advised that it usually takes some time but I’m worried he has been lost in the system, the older he gets the more concerns we are getting and keen to get him assessed.

Dear Elinor,

Thank you for your comment. I understand that our SPA team have been in touch with you today to explain the assessment process and am pleased to confirm that your son's referral is with our team, and we look forward to offering him an appointment.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information.

Kind regards,

Logan Watkins
Associate Director
Specialist Children's Services

I would like to express special thanks for the outstanding care provided to my mother by Dr. Yeung, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, Intensive Home Treatment Team. The doctor displayed great empathy and understanding of the anxiety/panic condition my mother experiences and provided a great deal of support when it was most needed.

Family members were fully engaged in discussion of treatment options during home visits and telephone follow up. Dr Yeung reacted quickly to feedback regarding the effects of particular medication and made appropriate adjustments. The end result is that my mother's mental health and quality of life has been completly transformed. This is something that inpatient hospital care failed to achieve and I am sure is due to the competence and dilligence of Dr Yeung.

Dear Paul

Thank you so much for taking the time to feedback on the care your mother received from the Intensive Home Treatment Team and particularly from Dr Yeung. It is really important for us to learn from service delivery so that we can continue to improve. Your comments help us to do that. It is also most gratifying to hear of the positive experiences our service users have and how the care we give benefits those we support. We have made Dr Yeung aware of your comments. Thank you again.


Adrian Dorney
Associate Director
Acute and Crisis Directorate

Hello, two months ago I had the appointment in my doctor to get a referral for my child about autism, we are still waiting for the appointment, but it takes too long and my baby needs assistance. We are really worried about it. He’s name is Noah. Thank you

Dear Nathali,

Thank you for making contact and I am sorry to hear of this difficult time for you and Noah. Noah's referral has been reviewed and accepted and somebody from the ASD team will be contacting you to discuss the process.
Please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards

Logan Watkins
Associate Director
Specialist Children's Services

With the support of my GP and the Support of the PCP team I have found their services supportive on more than one occasion as well as accessible.

Hi Josie,
Thanks for your lovely feedback. We are glad that you have found the Greenwich Primary Care Plus Service Helpful. Wishing you all the best for the future.

Pete Ley
Service Manager
Greenwich Working Age and Older Age Mental Health Community Services

My adult child was on Lesney Ward for two months.
I am utterly disgusted at the non-communicative nature of the RC who, never once, addressed the numerous emails I sent to the ward with regards to the standard of care being provided. They continuously quoted my name wrong and referred to me as 'the mother' when in meetings even though I was present and known to the attendees (online). Never had a face to face meeting even though other carers had made us aware that they had during this time period. Lied to us at the Discharge Meeting - said adult child was under one team when in reality was under another team who were not present at Discharge Meeting (confirmed this lie the next day when I called the relevant teams), accused me of being the reason why the Discharge Meeting was called 'so hastily' (due to my concerns as a mother and carer also because I was requesting four overnight leaves which is a right under s17) which absolutely does not make any sense!
The Discharge Summary from Lesney Ward was vague, had typos and sought to evade the entitlement of s117 Aftercare which has caused 'considerable' issues now my child is living in the community in a completely new borough, unsupported. Due to the standard of the Discharge Summary no care-coordinator has been assigned three weeks post discharge in the new borough. As parents, we were told at the Discharge Meeting there would be HTT input for up to three weeks as a 'bridge from Lesney Ward to the Community'...This was a lie as there was only a 72 Hour follow up call proffered from the HTT and that was it! The Discharge Summary makes no mention of a care plan/follow up plans for support in the community. Also, I noted an important diagnosis that I was not aware of until I requested a copy of the Discharge Summary from the GP Surgery (which I received three weeks after discharge), which Lesney Ward had not furnished my child with upon discharge.

As parents, this was our first time dealing with a psychiatric ward and it has been daunting especially due to the lack of support from the RC in addressing my concerns, even though my emails were succinct in order to respect their professional time. There's so much more to be said but I just wanted to highlight these points.

I would like to thank Mola who treated me with 'such' Respect and was 'such' an 'informative member' of the team who, I otherwise, felt let down by. James, and Jeff for their presence at the online Bexley Carers' Meetings I attended, and Jeff for escalating issues with Bromley Council dealing with homelessness upon discharge.

Please, strive to do better - these patients and their families are not dimwits. Literature all around the hospital and in society constantly reminds us to treat NHS Staff with respect and have regard for their endless sacrifices and expertise - this must be reciprocal!

Dear Claud,
Thank you for your email and for highlighting your concerns regarding interactions with the clinical team on Lesney Ward. We take this matter seriously and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about the matter and respond to your concerns if you so wish. A member of our management team will be in touch with you shortly.


Adrian Dorney
Associate Director

I just wanted to say huge ‘thank you ‘ to Maria at the reception! What a gem, I was really stressed and needed help (11.06) and she was so kind and helpful! Fantastic member of staff !

Dear Adriana

Thankyou I am sure Maria, one of our most experienced and professional staff in the reception, will be very touched by your kind comment.

Best wishes

Fiona Starkey-Norman
Service Manager Forensic Community & Substance Misuse services

Dear District Nursing Team for Greenwich

My mother and I would like to thank recognize and appreciate the dedication, hard work and care that your wonderful district nurses provide. We have had the district nurses round over the last month and we would like to thank them. The Team were professional, efficient and kind and considerate Outstanding Service, warm hearted and compassionate, we cannot praise them enough.

I just wanted to say thank you to each and every nurse who looked after my mother Elena: Abdul, Anella, Ismael, Caroline, Nicole, Janica, Michaella, Delia We are grateful for the good care provided by you, so we can't thank you enough.

Please pass our thanks onto the fantastic team of nurses that cared so well for my mother.

Elena (daughter of patient)

Dear Elena

Many thanks for taking the time to write this feedback.
The staff will be very pleased to receive your lovely comments.

Our staff try to ensure they provide the highest standard of care to our patients and we are very proud of them.
Wishing you and your family well.

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)