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I would like someone to talk to please

Hi Layla

Thanks for your message. I will email you.

kind regards

Alex Greenchester
Service Improvement Operational Manager

Please, can a Service Manager or Director contact me a soon as practicably possible?
My child has been prescribed medication, via CAMHS, for some time now. Three/four weeks ago, we missed an appointment with our CAMHS consultant, due to a mixup with the date. Since then I’ve struggled to gain contact with the consultant to arrange another appointment and to request a repeat prescription. Despite me explaining the severity of the situation and the declining state of my child’s mental health, we’re now at the point at which my child has now completely ran out of two of their medications, and running dangerously low on the others.
I spoke with the consultants receptionist yesterday over the phone and I was reassured that a prescription would be arranged today, but this has not happened and I feel that I’ve been given no other choice than to use this VERY public way of asking for help - all other avenues have been exhausted and this is my last resort (Apart from formal complaints procedures).
We’re not asking for much. We only need a repeat prescription for my child’s “Lifesaving” (Lets be honest - That’s what it is!) medication written and an appointment date for the near future, with the consultant. We would be incredibly grateful for help to achieve this!

Dear Hayley

Thank you for your feedback. We understand that you have had discussions with the treating team today and they are in the process of planning a joint review for your child, and that a prescription is ready for collection. We are sorry for any confusion around this.

many thanks

Sheena Gohal
Associate Director, CAMHS

I was told someone would contact me back in September and I haven’t heard anything since.

Dear Sabrina

I am sorry that you haven't heard back from the service. I understand that you have since received a telephone call from a senior Speech and Language therapist from the service to discuss your concerns. I hope that has helped to resolve your issues. Please let us know if there is anything further you would like us to do to help.

Many thanks

Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

I phoned in extreme distress after swallowing 30 paracetamol. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia but have no access to treatment due to being homeless. The person who answered the phone was extremely hostile and shouted that I was “rude” and “didn’t sound unwell” and slammed the phone down.

Dear Jane

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent experience in contacting our services. We are sorry to hear that your contact was not a positive one. We are unable to establish which service you contacted given the lack of information.

If you need urgent support please contact the crisis line on 0800 330 8590 (a 24 hour service) and they will be able to direct your call. If you still experiencing extreme distress, please can you contact your GP, and they will also be able to support you with appropriate interventions or a referral to our Primary Care team if that is required.

kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director Greenwich Mental Health Services

Hi does someone can help me with sort out video call for appointment how to do it or wich appsl

Dear Kamila

I am sorry for the confusion regarding your virtual appointment. A therapist from the team will call you immediately to help you.

Many thanks

Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

Would it be possible to book an appointment with you. I've been told by my doctor and neurologist that I am need of therapy.

Dear Nicole

Thank you for your comment. If your GP feels that you require therapy they will be able to complete a referral to services detailing your needs. This referral may be sent to Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Services at Bromley Healthcare or to Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust Mental Health services depending on the specifics of your therapy needs. All GP surgeries within Bromley are familiar with the referral pathways for both services.

Yours sincerely

Adrian Dorney
Associate Director

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Paul at MSK QMH for seeing me this morning within 2 hours of first contact.

I found Paul to be highly professional and at the same time friendly with great communication skills.

Thank you - you are a credit to your department.

Kind regards


Dear Tim

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive comment about the service you received from our MSK service. It has been a challenging time for our staff so I am sure Paul will be delighted to know that his support has been highly valued.

Best wishes

Lisa Cooper
Associate Director Adult Community Services

Just wanted to make an enquiry. We was told by my daughters special needs dept when she was really young (4 years ago) she needed speech therapy. Even though we disagreed. Now I’ve learned more than ONE MONTH after the meeting happened that the school have taken it upon themselves to have a meeting without us even knowing. Surely this should be our jobs to have this meeting as parents? Surely we should be involved in this discussion about our daughter? I’m confused why this has happened and why we knew nothing of this after so many years. Thanks! If I could be contacted I would be thankful.

Dear Sam

I am very sorry that there appears to be some confusion regarding Speech and Language Therapy. The manager of this service will be in contact with you. This will hopefully answer the concerns you have.

kind regards

Victoria Soper
Service Manager for Specialist Children Services

I done a self referral last year in March 2020 and I have never heard anything back how can I get some contact with a counceller.

Dear Kylie

Thank you for your comment and we are sorry to hear that you have not as yet heard anything back from the service. The Clinical Lead of Greenwich IAPT, Stavros Markatselis, will contact you and he will be able to discuss with you the next steps.

With best wishes

Dr Stavros Markatselis
Clinical Lead of Greenwich IAPT

My husband was referred in November last year by our GP (slade Green medical centre)for a memory assessment but has not heard anything from you. I did phone and ask how long it would be and was told 5 months. I do understand with the current situation things are difficult but surely some contact ie-: an appointment letter or something would be helpful as I feel he is getting worse.
Please help

Dear Sandra

Thank you for your comment. The Memory team has contacted you and explained that they are looking into this. They apologised and will keep in touch and call you once they have more information to feed back to you.

As soon as the referral is received, the memory team will arrange for you to be booked into an appointment. The team have given you further details about the other appointment for your husband to go into hospital and informed you he will need to isolate for 2 weeks after. Please contact the memory team if there are any other problems.

kind regards

Francis Adzinku
Associate Director of Mental Health

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