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We are very keen that people who use our services tell us about their experiences, good or bad to enable us to learn and improve. If you have used one of our services please visit our services pages, find the service you have used and leave a comment.

If you need to contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), you can find contact details here:​


My husband Keith attended your clinic until August last year when he was referred back to our GP. I have spoken to many people ie Alzheimer’s, Dementia Uk and The Lewy Body Society and although Keith was diagnosed by you with Alzheimer’s, after speaking to these organisations he has many of the symptoms of someone suffering with Lewy Body. I am at a loss to know whether Keith should be re-assessed and would be most grateful for your comments.


Dear Patricia

The Memory Service you attended has been made aware of the issue you raised.

They will want to see you to discuss and advise on the issues you have raised. They will contact you tomorrow (20 Feb) about this. They will also offer an appointment if it is needed.

Best wishes

Munya Mangundu
Operational Manager


I am female over 35 and can only visit the clinic after 6pm Monday to Friday or any time on a Saturday due to work commitments. According to your opening times there is no walk in for my needs? How can I get seen? Been trying for a while.

Thank you

Thank you for your comment. Our service offers same-day bookable appointments on Monday's between 4:30pm and 7:00pm - to book please call 020 8301 8955 from 09:45am on the same day you wish to book the appointment.

We also offer bookable Long Acting Reversible Contraception and injection appointments at differing times - you can see our timetable on this page

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

THE worst service. Been waiting 140 days on counselling wait list. Been told I refused services I was never made aware of twice... Constantly being told, oh so and so isn't in so I cant help and they will have to call you tomorrow only to never be called back. Misprints of my name, address and email so I wasn't sent the right correspondence. Initial assessment I was cut off and didn't receive a treatment plan without calling to chase myself. I asked for f2f and was given online guided self help. I never speak to the same person twice and when they look up my notes my case worker has always gone home. Every single time. Was offered counselling today out of the blue for 3 days time and was told I would be out of the service if I couldn't agree to 9 sessions there and there for the same time each week; during work hours. Latest appointment was 3.30pm so if you have to work or are a teacher don't bother asking for late appointments because you may be told you "aren't the only person waiting for later appointments and I can't tell you how long you'll be waiting for one".

Why has this mental health service only resulted in more stress and waiting? Awful.

Thank you for your email and we are sorry to hear your experience has not been positive. The clinical lead of the service, Stavros Markatselis, will be happy to have a discussion with you and try to address any of your concerns.

Please email him directly on and provide your phone number and contact details so he can make contact with you.

Thank you again for your feedback.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director

I want to get my coil replaced
Can I come walk in , I am in sidcup
How can I contact the clinic

Thank you for your enquiry.

Our Bexley clinic at the Albion Surgery in Bexleyheath offers coil removal, but not fitting.

We can replace your coil at any walk-in clinic at Market Street, Woolwich (SE18 6QR), or we have bookable appointments specifically for coils.

Our number is 020 8301 8920 and all our walk-in and bookable appointments are listed on the Oxleas website:

My husband was admitted on Holbrook ward 2 weeks ago with dementia he has now been twice admitted to queen Elizabeth hosp i am being told that he had a bad chest when i saw him last he has rapid wight loss and was starving and thirsty because he was choking on fluids and was unable to swallow food as much as i complained i was told they would follow up with requesting an assesment so basically he had been left to starve and dehydrate apart from this there are massive failings here not to mention the rude and non communitive staff that work there its an absolute shambles with staff doing the bare minimum like eating their lunch while patients are left the sheer lack of information is frustrating in itself the lack of compassion is beyond belief the most unhepful and rude people i have ever come across non responsive is a better way to describe these people and like every other job it comes down to bad management and while i do appreciate how hard this job can be i yet to see any geuine carers in this place apart from the lack of manners and social skills no one no,s what anyone is doing so it left me not knowing absolutely nothing about my husband except he has now gone back to queen Elizabeth

Dear Trudie

I'm sorry and concerned to hear of your experiences. I understand that your concerns are being addressed under a formal complaint process.

This will involve a thorough investigation by a manager or senior clinician and review by senior managers and the Chief Executive of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

The formal complaint process also ensures necessary actions will be taken to avoid similar difficulties in future. You will receive a formal response from Oxleas about this process.

I am very sorry, though, that your experience has meant that you have had cause to make a formal complaint and want to offer my sincere apologies.

Yours sincerely

Dr Jo Cook
Head of Patient Experience for Bexley Care

The website says the office opens at 8am. I keep trying but it is now 8.35 and still it is shut. Does it now open later?

Dear Louise

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and speak to my colleague regarding the information that you have seen online about the opening hours for Bromley CAMHS.

The trust website does not list opening hours for Bromley CAMHS. The information you are referring to is supplied by Google and this is information over which we have no control. However, we will inform Google that this information is incorrect and request that it is changed.

The opening hours for Bromley CAMHS are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Kind regards

Beverley Mack
Associate Director, CAMHS

Hi. My daughter is coming up to 2 years old and although we were sent a letter inviting us to arrange a check up I have mislaid it. Should I call the central administration team?

Hi Andrew

Thank you for your email. Please call the central admin team on 0208 836 8621 and they will book a two year health review appointment for you in a venue that is most convenient for you.

Best wishes

Loretta McGurry
Head of Health Visiting Bromley

Hi do I need to go back to my gp to be re referred? I was being seen last year, but due to work issues I couldn’t attend the appointments, so I haven’t been back. I am in terrible pain in my right shoulder.

Dear Joanne

Sincere apologies for delay in our response to your e-mail.

Thank you very much for your enquiry.

We now have the option of people being able to self-refer, for Bexley MSK Physiotherapy.

Currently 95% of Bexley GP's are signed up to for their patients to use this process. To undertake this self referral you will need to call 020 8302 6330 and select option 3.

If you experience a problem with this or would like us to check if your GP has signed up for this please do call us on and ask for Paul Smith or Heather Ritchie service leads on 020 8302 6330.

If your GP has not yet signed up for the self referral process, then you will need your GP to refer to Bexley MSK Service.

If you would like advice please do call us on the above number, or if you think that your problem does require urgent attention then please do attend either urgent care centre or A+E.

Kindest regards

Doug Reid
Service Manager, Bexley Adult Community Services

H there,

I’m a little confused as when I was having a health visitor come to my house when my baby was first born they’d aid there was cutbacks and the self weighing clinic at Crown Medical was no longer running. But ive now read at the top of this page that from the 30th November it is running on a Thursday between 1:30-3:30. Is this definitely the case??

Dear Tamara

Thank you for your email.

I apologise that the information on the Oxleas web page is incorrect and I have asked for it to be removed immediately.

Bromley health visiting has its own website with advice on maternal and child health and development and details about local resources and clinics.

There is a self weigh clinic on Monday at Holy Trinity Convent between 9:30 and 11:30 and health advice sessions at Castlecombe Children's Centre on Thursday between 9:30 and 12:00, Burnt Ash Children's Centre on Wednesday between 1:30 and 3:30 and 5 other venues across Beckenham, Penge, Biggin Hill and Orpington.

Best wishes

Loretta McGurry
Head of Health Visiting Bromley

I am bring my Grandaughter to Under 21 clinic today, do we need a appointment or is it a walk in CLINIC? Thank you

Thank you for your comment and apologies for not responding sooner.

There is a walk-in clinic for under 21s every Wednesday at Market Street between 4pm and 7pm.

No appointment is needed.

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