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In January 2018 I went to Erith hospital where I filled out 2 questionnaires to see whether I was on the autism spectrum and I was told I scored quite high and would need to be assessed and was discharged from Erith Hospital. As there isn't many people who diagnoses adults I was told that I would have about a 19-20 month wait. I was told that this assessment would probably take place in August 2019. I wanted to contact the people who assess autism in adults to ask whether that wait has changed but I can't find the contact details for the people who do the assessment for adults. Do you know?

This service is a joke and an insult to disabled children. First they refused to accept my sons referral, with some cod excuse that because he was at a SEN school he was not eligible for referral. I then made a complaint on this website, which they are now refusing to publish. Only after I made my complaint did they finally accept the referral. This was after the paediatrician also requested a referral. Therefore it is a lie that self referrals can be made and the public and other users of this service deserve an explanation for it.

Dear Lucy

I am very sorry to read of your concerns regarding Bromley CAMHS.

As we discussed over the phone, we do not decline referrals for children on the basis of their school or SEND status. Indeed, we support many children in the borough with SEND as they are more likely to have complex needs which mean they require care and treatment from specialist mental health services. Referrals are accepted to Specialist CAMHS solely on the basis of the child's mental health needs.

The decision to not accept your child's initial referral was based on the information regarding the symptoms outlined in the referral documentation, which did not reflect the need for specialist mental health services at that time. However, we subsequently received additional information from other professionals which evidenced the need for CAMHS input in supporting your child and have accepted the referral.

To clarify, we do not always immediately publish comments on our website. This is often to protect the confidentiality of our patients but can also occur when the service is actively investigating the concerns of the authors of comments on our website.

As per our earlier conversation, I will investigate how the message regarding your child's referral was communicated to you with our partners Bromley Community Wellbeing Service which is the service that manages all new referrals for children and young people with emotional and mental health difficulties in Bromley. Please note that the Bromley Wellbeing Service does accept referrals directly from young people, parents and carers.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8315 4430 if you have any queries or concerns.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager, Bromley CAMHS

Wonderful effort by Oxleas to create a modern pharmacy for S Londoners rushed or booked into our local hospital. A Century and a quarter after the foundation of the brook and 80 years after Memorial this is one hospital that could have been shut down. Instead it remains open and free at point of use to servicemen & women & locals, to our tiny bit of a world as small for us in SE London as it was 60 or 120 years ago The Oxleas run Pharmacy is at the heart of this Oxleas -Memorial run hospital

Dear Luke

We are really pleased to hear your positive comments about the pharmacy at Queen Mary’s hospital. Thank you for providing us with feedback.

Kind regards

Chris Boddy
Queen Mary’s Hospital Pharmacy Site Lead

Can you please tell me how I am supposed to SPEAK to somebody. Your phoneline does not give that option.

You guys were supposed to send me an appointment for last week which ai di not recieve
Please contact me as soon as possible

Dear Marcelle

Thank you for drawing this to our attention - our Market Street telephone message system has recently been amended, and the option to 'press 9 to talk to admin' given after listening to any of the 3 opening times selections. This is being amended so this will improve getting though to staff.

The manager has now called you to discuss this personally, so I hope this is now resolved.

Many thanks for your comment.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

Hello, please let me know if you do- coil removal in your clinic? And if I need to book appointment or just come in walk in clinic? Thank you. Jurgita.

Dear Jurgita

Many thanks for your comment. Coil-removal can be done at any of our Walk-in & Wait clinics, which have a number of slots allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please note that if it cannot be removed because the threads are lost, then you will have to have to come back to a specialist contraception clinic. These are booked appointments on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, but there is currently an eight week wait for these appointments.

Walk in & Wait times are available at

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

Disgusting place, although a few nice staff there to help, also a lot of rude, nasty staff there too. wouldn't be surprised if this place was on the news at some time in the future for the nastiness of patients. Don't let your family member come here

Is the Blenheim breastfeeding drop-in open on Bank Holiday Mondays?


Hi Sherry

Thank you for your query. The health visiting service is open all year round Monday to Friday with the exception of Bank Holidays.

The next available Breast Feeding Group will be on Tuesday 7th May at Bromley United Reform Church (20 Widmore Road Bromley BR1 1RY) between 10.00am and 11.30am.

Best wishes

Loretta McGurry
Head of Health Visiting Bromley

The waiting times for this service are, quite frankly, ridiculous. 1 month for an initial telephone assessment to see if this is something to be addressed by Oxleas?? I was told I need psychotherapy in September 2018. My GP referred this service, but now I can see that this is just the NHS pawning off and pushing back providing help that is desperately needed for people in crisis

Dear Nick

Thank you for your comments regarding waiting times for accessing the service. Stavros Markatselis, the deputy clinical for the IAPT service, will make contact with you shortly to discuss your concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director for Greenwich Mental Health Services

My son was admitted to hospital at the end of January as he had taken an overdose, he was in a coma for 4 days, he was eventually discharged on new medication & told they would call him for a follow up. As to date this has not happened, my son, daughter-in-law & myself have contacted you numerous times. Some of which we were hung up on & have been told my son would receive a call back, which after 3 days has still not happened. I hope to god my son isn’t left without help from the so called team & ends up in hospital yet again having tried to take his life again. The treatment we have had as a family has been non existent & we have had no constructive advice at all.

Went for a walk in test today and was delighted with the friendly service and reasonable wait time, well done all!

Dear Claire

We are really pleased to hear you had such a positive experience of the service. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback.

Iain Dimond
Greenwich Service Director