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Yet again another phone appointment booked and completely overlooked!
daughter diagnosed in august last year 2017 - seen the nurse Christine once in Dec 2017 was told would get apt in April to see the doctor word yet, phoned several times for advice and help and to try and get apt book and have had telephone appointments booked to even discuss anything which never happen, even though I am glued to my phone awaiting the call.
I phoned again today to complain, and have been told that there has been no appointment booked as of yet, and that the request for the appointment to see the Doctor didn't even happen until Feb 2018. Not impressed with service so far and will be making contact with PALS :-(

Dear Emma

We are sorry that you have not received an appointment for your daughter.

The service manager will call you later today and will review why this delay has happened.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Associate Director for Specialist Children Services

I went to Storkway for a 2 year development check. When I got there I was told that the health visitors leave at 12:30pm. I received 3 text messages telling me my appointment was at 1. I had to take time off work for it. We called the clinic but got nowhere. Disappointing

Dear Tracy

I am sorry to hear that you had this disappointing experience when you attended an appointment with the health visiting team.

This seems to have happened due to an error with the text messaging reminder service that Oxleas uses. It may have truncated your messages, so that the text that you received said you had an appointment for 1, but the original full message would have given your appointment time as 11.30 or 12.00.

Thank you for making us aware of this issue, which I will address with our IT team to be sure it does not occur again.

We tried to contact you directly to arrange another appointment for your child's 2 year developmental review, but were unsuccessful with the email address that you supplied.

Could you please contact Nyree Traynor on 020 8836 8621 and she will be delighted to help.

Kind regards

Ellen Shelley
Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years

I am making this enquiry on behalf of someone who is taking multiple medication for severe depression.

Is it advisable to stop taking the medication before starting the rtms treatment? (I understand that the withdrawal symptoms are likely to be severe)

No, there is no need to stop the medication.

rTMS can be combined with medication and in fact most patients having rTMS also take tablets during the treatment.

Given that they suffer with severe symptoms of depression, their psychiatrist may still want to continue making adjustments to their medication in order to improve their chances of recovery while receiving rTMS.

Kind regards

Dr Rafael Euba
rTMS and ECT Consultant

I would like to say to this great team thank you for all support, patience and hard work with great consideration not just with patients but for all support to parents and carers.
Polite receptionist I will never forget your great customer service and good performance.
Thank you Greenwich council too.


My daughter will be two in a week and I was wondering if there will be a two-year-old check up? I couldn't find information here but the general NHS website suggests there should be check ups at 1 and 2. We didn't get a check at 1 (seems like we just missed out on this) so it would be nice to have one now. Thanks for the info in advance.

I have just been put on the waiting list for cbt however I just wanted to say the my phone assessor was so lovely and made me feel so at ease. One of my biggest anxieties is talking to people on the phone but I didn’t feel any of my usual nerves on the phone with leighanne so thank you so much.

Dear Ellie

Many thanks for your positive comments regarding your assessment with us. I'll ensure this feedback is given to the therapist. We are really pleased that you firstly took the step to approach our service for treatment, and that this was a rewarding and positive experience for you.

I'm pleased that you are due to see a therapist for CBT, and do feel free to contact us again if you have any queries about your upcoming treatment.

Thanks again for your comments.

Best wishes

Chris Spicer
Senior CBT Therapist

my daughter was referred last year to see a pediatrician after 1 meeting she was discharged. Since then her behaviour has worsened and would like to get her seen again. I dont think it was fair that she was assessed in just that one meeting as her behaviour and attituded changes all the time. I have got video evidence of what she is like with her break downs and her anger. Shes started to get out of control. Other fanily members are really conserned due to autism in the family and that she is showing some traits of that.

Dear Hannah

Children can be re-referred back to our Community Paediatricians when needed.

The service manager will ring you today to find out more about your daughter's needs, to ensure she is seen by the most appropriate service.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Associate Director for Specialist Children Services

Having seen Caryn (podiatrist) at the fairfield centre and also for surgery at Garland road. I found her extremely professional and polite, her surgery skills were second to none, An ingrowing toe nail which had been giving me extreme pain for several months, was dealt with quick and easy and most of all painless. Caryn provided me with the necessary bandages etc, for the post care of my toe. The two clinics themselves were extremely clean and well maintained, which gave me great confidence. During my surgery Caryn asked if it was ok for 2 students to watch the procedure , of which i gave my consent, her teaching skills were excellent.. Caryn advised me to recall the surgery if there was any more problems,...needless to say i don't think that will be the case. All i can say is thank you.

Dear Amanda

Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely compliment in relation to Caryn's skills and professionalism and the service you received from Oxleas Podiatry.

I will ensure this is passed onto her and know she will be delighted to receive this.

Best wishes

Lisa Thompson
Associate Director - Greenwich Community Services

Absolutely awful. I was referred here suffering severe depression and anxiety to the point I was vomiting every day, could rarely leave the house and was suicidal. I attended the day treatment service which consisted of groups offering basic, introductory psychotherapy-when I have a long history of doing CBT and already know how to identify my feelings, challenge my thoughts etc-and self directed cookery, art etc. I stopped attending due to my illness and fact it was useless to be sent a letter telling me to phone or I would be discharged. No one asked why I wasn't attending or if there was anything they could do to make it easier for me to attend. My care coordinator is terrible and has done nothing except tell me to take medication and claimed she will phone Mind for me then told me I was meant to phone Mind. Asked to change, told by the team leader it will take a week as they need a meeting about it, it's now been almost 3 weeks and they still have not contacted me. I asked to be referred for individual therapy 4 months ago and the referral has still not been done! Just offered groups which are not specific to my situation and at a time when I couldn't even interact with friends, let alone strangers. Blamed for "not trying" or "not engaging" when I was too ill to do what was expected of me. Dealing with this organisation involves lots of chasing them up by phone to avoid discharge or ensure they are actually doing their job so tough luck if you have phone anxiety or communication difficulties and no advocate. Expected to navigate your own care when unwell. Useless.

Bromley Locality Mental Health Services (Carlton Parade,)are a joke. Whoever got rid of the old comprehensive and excellent Rehabilitation Service should be locked up for Crimes Against Humanity. As soon as Carlton Parade took over my support they were looking to end it in a way which was deceitful at best. They took away a support worker without notice or consultation. Someone who I had known for 4 years! They then tried to take away the rest of my support based on a short visit by a locum psychiatrist lacking any incite into my mental health difficulties. As a result of this incompetency and desire to save money I ended up in GPH and in trouble with the police. Basically because they don't have the resources to provide a comprehensive service they run a risk management service identifying and then focussing on those they consider the biggest risk to society. They are outsourcing a lot of their work to an organisation called Community Options who used to be a friendly additional service but are now the mainstay of support. These people are not fully trained health care professionals and range from the sensitive and helpful to the cynical and aggressive. The power they have been given has made them increasingly officious. Whoever is responsible for this mess should be rapidly dismissed before more people end up in GPH or worse.

I wanted to add in the interests of balance that when I was on Betts Ward between August and November 2016 I received really first class care and that since then I have had some excellent input from my Care Coordinator, Derek which has kept me on a better path. It is just a shame that there aren't more rehabilitation activities like the old Wednesday club to bridge the gap back into work.

Dear Alex

I am pleased to hear that you are finding your current care co-ordinator (CCO) helpful and that you are keen to explore additional activities to support your recovery.

Although mental health services have changed since you were involved with the Wednesday Club, all our services do encourage and support service users to access resources and activities available in the community, including employment related support.

We work closely with many voluntary organisations in Bromley, including Bromley and Lewisham MIND, who offer a wide range of courses through their Recovery College. Some examples of the courses offered include Personal Wellbeing and Health, Creativity and Self-Expression, Returning to Employment and Moving On - Becoming a Volunteer.

We would be happy to send you a prospectus and application form if you were interested, or alternatively you could discuss this with your CCO, who I am sure would be willing to explore activities that are of interest to you and would support your recovery goals.


Donvé Thompson-Boy
Lead Allied Health Professional

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