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I have been suffering with ongoing and worsening memory loss and have just been asked to leave my job as I cannot remember/undertake tasks and duties which I should be able to do as I have been in this job role/environment for over 30 years. I have trouble speaking as i cannot remember what I was going to say or how to get the words out. My wife has to write me lists otherwise I forget what I have to do. I have approached my dr's (Bexley medical group) but was treated more for anxiety/depression than the memory loss which is worrying me greatly. This has now been going on for well over a year and is becoming very noticeable to friends and family. The dr did send me for a CT scan approximately 2 years ago where nothing showed up. I would be most grateful if I could arrange an appointment with yourselves for tests etc.

Dear Peter

Thank you for raising the issues here. I understand that one of our team members has contacted you and spoken with you to identify the best way forward.

Kind regards

Francis Adzinku
Associate Director (Mental Health)
Bexley Care

My mum was under Dr Ana Saiz then seen by Judith Wilcock. We were told Mum would be assessed in 12 months to repeat the cognitive assessment. To date we have heard nothing. It is nearing 24 months and I would like my Mum assessed as I feel her condition is worsening.

Please can someone contact me.

Dear Kelly

We are sorry for the delays experienced in accessing our service. The team manager (Elaine Newman) will be in touch to discuss follow up assessments with you. She can be reached on 0208 308 5544.

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director
Greenwich Mental Health Services

The coil fitting service here is brilliant. Quick procedure, effective from my last experience but I am having trouble reaching anyone given the current climate. I’m wondering if I could please receive help as soon as possible. I’m would like a coil refitted. I have been calling and calling as advised by my G.P who doesn’t fit them at my local surgery.

Can I be put in touch with somebody for an appointment. I’m currently on medication which can be quite conflicting when it comes to taking any other contraceptive and it really isn’t financially viable for me to be pregnant right now in this climate.

Many thanks,

Dear Michelle

Thank you for your positive feedback regarding our service. We are sorry you are having trouble getting through to the service at the moment, this is because we cannot offer a walk-in service during the pandemic, and as a result we are experiencing very high call volumes.

We are doing our best to answer calls as quickly as possible, and ask that you keep calling back until you can get through.

kind regards

Rachel Matheson
Associate Director for Adult Community Services

I would like to get information regarding adult asd assessment could someone please direct me in the right direction or contact me with details provided
With thanks

I’ve been trying to get in touch for months to have my implant removed. It expired 3 months ago. No one ever answers. I need to book an apt ASAP, can someone please help me ?

Dear Chloe

We are sorry you are having trouble getting through to the service and we will arrange for someone to call you back.

Unfortunately, the phones are very busy at this time and we are doing our best to answer calls, but there has been a larger than usual number of calls as the service has changed its usual process to respond to the pandemic.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

My grandson, who is in care, and even after a recommendation by the triage nurse to be referred to the "early onset of psychosis team" you have stated that there is no evidence of mental illness!!!!!! I emailed your place at Orpington and have not even had the courtesy of a reply. It seems to me that unless the person confirms to either being on prescribed drugs (which he refuses) or being sectioned you don't want to know. You are a disgrace to your profession. You tell me that someone talking to imaginary people; looking over his shoulder all the time and grinning and laughing; not wanting to hold a conversation; telling me my neighbours are out to kill me, does not have a problem. This has been going on for a couple of months and is getting worse. HE IS NOT ON ILLEGAL DRUGS!!!!!!

You should all be ashamed of yourselves for not helping 1. The care home 2. the social worker and 3. me and his family

Dear Tatiana,

Thank you for your comment and sorry you feel your grandson has not received the service you feel he requires. Unfortunately the Early Intervention Team has not received your email.

Our team consultant has been in contact with your grandson’s GP to gain more information and the GP has confirmed this is the second episode rather than first episode of psychosis therefore the Early Intervention Team would not be the appropriate service.

I understand that your grandson has been offered an appointment with the ADAPT team this week.

We strive to ensure that clients are supported by the most appropriate team to meet there needs.

Kind regards,
Leanne Kalemaj
Early Intervention Team Manager

I am trying to get an appointment to have my implant replaced but I have not been able to reach anyone on the phone, although I have tried many times. It was due to be removed in August and I would really appreciate being able to have it replaced.
Please could someone get back to me to make an appointment.
Kind regards,

Dear Tamsin

We are sorry that you have not been able to get through. The phones are busier than usual due to changes in how we deliver our service during the pandemic.

The team have been given your details and someone will call you back today.

kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

I have had a telephone consultation as I was referred by my GP for shoulder pain and hand pain. I subsequently had an appointment face to face with Lucas on the 14th December and was given exercises and given a follow up appointment by phone for the 19 January which has now been cancelled. I also had a hand appointment on the 16th December with katalina who has referred me for a nerve conduction scan. However on the 15th December I had a really bad fall and fell onto my left arm and badly grazed my chin and wrists. The a&e at queen Elizabeth saw me on the 16th and took X-ray and it’s not broken or fractured and hospital and go have given me narproxen and co-codomol for pain, however I am in constant pain and am unable to sleep and I fear it’s getting worse. I really need help to manage this? I know there is a pandemic but I don’t know what else to do and would really appreciate some help.

Dear Esther

We are sorry to hear you are still experiencing pain. We arranged for one of our Bexley MSK colleagues to call you yesterday to provide some advice. We hope you found the information helpful and wish you well in your recovery.

Best wishes

Lisa Cooper
Associate Director Adult Community Services

When speaking a LXP called M he was sarcastic and rude and has no empathy or care, he was argumentative even after I told him I was unwell and asked him why he was speaking to me like that as I was already agitated and feeling unwell, it was shocking! when I asked to speak to someone else he left me for a bit only to come back and say there wasn’t anyone I could speak to only him. We continued to go back and forth until I said why are you being an arse? And he said you know what I’m
Hanging up, which he did so I called back the other HTT number and got through to a guy called V who was clearly available to speak the whole time, he immediately started talking over me and wouldn’t let me speak, so I told him how rude M had been to me and tried to explain about the meds. He jumped to M's defence and said no he wasn’t being rude at all, but how would he know that If he wasn’t there and apparently everyone was busy? Why was everyone lying? but V started raising his voice arguing saying if I didn’t listen to him he’d hang up. He said if I want to complain go ahead as he is too busy to talk to me as he has more urgent patients to see and I would either listen to him or he would hang up. I was shocked! I am clearly unwell so how can this service help anyone? It’s disgraceful. I’ve been with HTT twice and it’s never helped me, sometimes they call, sometimes they forget but to be shouted at and spoken like this and just made to feel so bad is wrong! I will be making a formal complaint to the manager and to the governing body as I am not the only one that has had bad experiences with Greenwich home treatment team! I called the crisis line and they said that the HTT should not behave that way and should have been there to help and support which they won’t do as they either lie and say no one is available or shout or talk over you and hang up! Disgusting behaviour!

Dear Sapphire

We are sorry to hear that you had such an experience calling our service. We strive to provide high quality services to our clients and support them as best as we can under very testing circumstances.

The team service line manager Dyanand will give you a call today to discuss your support needs. Our sincere and unreserved apology for the experience you had.

Best wishes

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director

The page that says Start Call does not allow you to scroll down to select Start Call. Telephone support was not particularly successful. Very disappointed I missed my appointment because of this

Dear Joanne

I am sorry you had this experience with our Attend Anywhere system. You have now been in contact with one of our Speech and Language Therapists and an appointment has been arranged. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.

kind regards

Paula Johnson
Service Lead
Bexley Speech and Language Therapy Service for Children and Young People

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