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With the exception of a few notable individuals and Day Treatment Team, in particular, Oxleas mental health services provide consistently poor care. Extremely difficult accessing services and wait times of up to four months to see a psychiatrist for medication review. Services often take a long time to respond (or don't respond at all), and do not follow up. Empty promises should not be made to patients in crisis and patients should not have to constantly follow-up to try to receive any care/support.

There seems to be a severe lack of communication between services Oxleas runs with advice often differing dramatically depending on the individual you get through to. There also seems to be a lack of consistency present in the provision of service with one person saying they will be discussing further treatment pathways with you at a future meeting while another - presumably having not looked thoroughly at the case file - will go ahead and discharge you from the service. The onus is then on you to get undischarged and then begin the drawn-out process of waiting to be seen again. Whatever metric-driven approach the trust is pursuing is definitely not working in terms of patient outcomes.

The services are widely considered to be wholly inadequate and the comments here only scratch the surface of the systematic failures of the service, believe me. The majority of people who would complain are regularly in crisis, not least due to the mismanagement and negligent practices of Oxleas, and are not in a position to be writing complaints or going through PALS. It is only through sheer frustration with the services over the past couple of years that I've brought myself to begin the complaints procedures myself.

Management should hang their heads in shame at the state of the services they oversee. I sincerely hope their contract is up for renewal soon. It is not hyperbole to say that people die as a result of the malpractice that passes for patient care under this trust, The Heights at Charlton being a particularly egregious example.

Dear Charlie

Thank you very much for your comments. We are sorry to hear that your experience has not been a positive one.

We take feedback very seriously and we would like to have a conversation with you about this issue. Pauline Heslop (020 8269 4110) will give you a call next week to discuss these issues in more details.

You can email Pauline directly at

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director, Greenwich Mental Health Services

I have been reading on this website the comments of fellow carers of patients under the "Care" (or not) of Oxleas Trust at The Heights and although I find these reviews disturbing I feel relieved that I am not the only one feeling that Oxleas Trust would be far happier if nobody bothered to ring them to alert them to the condition of someone on their books. I feel have been fobbed off in a manner that I was being a nuisance and despite the many times I have requested for my friend to be sent a consent form to enable me to intervene in her care - as she is in too deep a depression to be able to help herself - I have been given false information and links to wrong follow-ups. Please show some care and competency. Surely prevention is better than cure as we are always being reminded in NHS adverts?

Dear John

Thank you for your comments and we are sorry to hear of your experience.

The Heights team manager Pauline Heslop (020 8269 4110), will be happy to give you a call and discuss your concerns in more detail.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director, Greenwich Mental Health Services

The ICMP team West Locality at Yeoman House demonstrated to me just how time pressed their working lives are by not attending my son’s CPA meeting this week at Memorial Hospital because “it wasn’t going to be a Section 117 meeting and their time would be better utilised elsewhere”. My son’s current CCo did inform me he wasn’t attending due to the reason I have just given which highlights to me he has a work load that is impacting on his priorities. It also highlights the fact that the Memorial Hospital location is hard to reach and involves a lengthy journey by public transport.
There was no written contribution in his absence. In fact there was no written agenda of the CPA given to me to refer to or indeed a written copy of the previous CPA for me to refer to. I did not know who had been invited to attend or who could not attend.
I have seen a greater number of staff and professionals at Ward Rounds than I did at this week’s CPA meeting.
I did receive a timely apology from my son’s psychiatrist who is on annual leave.

Hi, is there any support available to bottle feeding mothers? There is so much information and support for breast feeding, but I cannot find anything easily available for bottle. In particular a physical support group to attend with a bottle feeding consultant type person present to assist with advice & queries.
Many thanks

Dear Ruth

Thank you for taking the time to post your query on the website.

A member of our health visiting team will make contact with you directly.

The health visiting service in Greenwich provides Health Advice drop in Sessions across the borough on each day of the week. These are staffed by our experienced health visitors and nursery nurses who are all skilled in advising parents on infant feeding, including both bottle and breast feeding.

You are welcome to attend any of the sessions where the team would be pleased to speak with you.

You can find the Health Visiting timetable for these sessions here:

There is also information available to support you with infant feeding here:

Your local children's centre will have a programme of parent and baby drop in sessions where you can meet other parents. You will be able to find out more about your nearest Children's Centre here:

Kind regards

Ellen Shelly
Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years

I have depression a lot of my life. I don’t know if TMS would work for me. I would like to try it and would like to know how much I would pay per session. I take sertaline 200mg every day but I does not give me much relief. My doctor said it is not available on the nhs.

Thank you for your email Martina, and I'm sorry to hear about your ongoing struggles with depression.

rTMS is a new technique with some evidence for the treatment of depression (though this looks no better than 'ordinary' treatments and it can be hard to work out for whom it might be best suited).

rTMS is available in some NHS locations, including Oxleas, although referral for that needs to be by a consultant psychiatrist who feels, with you, that other talking therapies or medications would not be preferable.

You might wish to have a discussion with your GP about whether or not you feel together you have been able to manage your depression or not, and whether you might need a specialist review in mental health services. We could not promise that rTMS would be given, but it could be considered. I understand that rTMS is available in the private sector but unfortunately that is not something we can advise on.

Yours sincerely

Dr Derek Tracy
Clinical Director

I can't thank Norman ward enough for the care and support they gave me after my overdose. If it wasn't for them and in particular Egbe who was my primary nurse I honestly wouldn't be here today.
Thank you all for helping me stabilise my condition and making me feel safe.

Dear Mrs D

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment regarding your recent stay on Norman Ward.

Our teams work hard to provide high quality care and its very encouraging for them when a comment such as this is received.

I have ensured that the Norman Ward team are aware and they are delighted to have been able to help you. We will make sure Egbe gets a special 'thank you'.

Best wishes

Estelle Frost
Bromley Service Director

I will like to truly thank all the staff at Oxleas NHS Greenwich Community Services most especially the Podiatric Surgery Service in SE18 2AE. For a while now, I have been very skeptical about the direction of the NHS however, the rate of speed at which I was seen to from Consultation to surgery within 6 week wow, what a result. I want to specially thank the Dermatologist Surgeon Ms Caryn Motimer for keeping me calm during the minor surgery procedure, she talked me through the process making feel at home. Thank you Caryn God bless you.

Dear Ayobambo

Many thanks for you kind words, we really appreciate that you have taken time to feedback to us regarding your experience. We will pass your comments to the Caryn, who will appreciate this feedback.

We are pleased you had a good experience and wish you well for the future.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

I am complaining about the physiotherapy services for Bexley residents that have complex needs.
once again, their hydrotherapy service has come to a halt.

but this apart, why does Bexley adults with learning disabilities not have any physiotherapist service. its an appalling situation which affects the some of the most vulnerable people in Bexleyy. even when and if a physio is in post, if it is the same as in the past, it will only be 1 person to serve the whole borough of bexley for 3 days of the week.
how on earth is 1 person supposed to supply all the physio thats need for these people.

its so bad that we have to pay £55 per week for private physio for our daughter. As she receives NHS/CCG funding we should not have to do this, but what else are we supposed to do.

Dear Pamela

Thank you for your comment on our website.

The Bexley Learning Disability Team is committed to continuing to provide a physiotherapy service for people with a learning disability.

As you are aware, our current physiotherapist is leaving her post at the end of this week. The position will be vacant for a short period of time whilst we recruit into the post. We can advise that we have successfully interviewed for the post and will write out to parents and carers to advise them when we have a start date for the new staff member.

While we have this vacancy we cannot, unfortunately, operate a hydrotherapy service as we require two physiotherapy staff to meet the safety requirements of the pool.

Hydrotherapy sessions are not run on a continuous basis but for a course of six to eight sessions followed by a break to allow other clients to access the service. Following a break, sessions are restarted if assessed as beneficial for the service user.

I hope that this provides reassurance about the future of the physiotherapy service within Bexley.

Kind regards

Helen White
Bexley LDT Team Manager

this looks good is it still in action? do you have a hydrotherapy pool?

Dear Sarah

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. The Bexley MSK Service uses the hydrotherapy pool at Goldie Leigh for one session a week, patients who would benefit from hydrotherapy can be referred for this treatment once they have been assessed by a physiotherapist.

Kind regards

Helen Jones


How do I get a referral to Cahms. My son is 4 and diagnosed ASD and we are under Bromley ( he also has an EHCP). He has started school and is suffering anxiety which is affecting his behaviour. am I able to do a self referral? Or do I need to contact my Gp?

Dear Sarah

All referrals into CAMHS come through Bromley Y, to which you can self-refer. This can be done at

Bromley Y will advise you if your son meets CAMHS threshold or whether they can offer the help he needs. The difficulties you have briefly described are common in young people on the autism spectrum so it would certainly be useful to discuss what support the school can offer.

We would also strongly encourage you to make contact with MENCAP ( and National Autistic Society ( as they may have support for your family.

Best wishes

Dr Ben Wellens
Clinical Lead for CYP IAPT

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