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I appreciate that services like Time To Talk are available for free and provide help to those who need it; I had been with TTT previously in another area and recently self-referred. Whilst I do appreciate the time taken by my supporter throughout the CBT I'm disappointed there was not more clarity into the services provided at the start.

I've recently finished ~2 months of CBT and I was very clear throughout the entire process that I did not believe CBT was for me and would have little to no benefit. I went through the CBT purely so I could then be referred for counselling after completion. However, after having my final review last week my supporter told me that TTT counselling is not appropriate for my situation and has instead given me details to self-refer to various long-term counselling services.

Had that information been provided to me 2 months ago I would have been fine to go to another service. The decision that TTT counselling is not for me was made based on information that was provided in the initial telephone assessment so to be told of this only after finishing the ~2 months of CBT is more than disappointing. I now have to look into another service which will have their own waiting times and assessments. I've essentially wasted 2 months with TTT which could have been avoided had I just been told at the initial assessment that I would not be put forward for counselling.

Dear J

We are sorry to hear of your experience.

Stavros Markatselis, Deputy Clinical Lead (telephone: 020 3260 1102) will be happy to have a conversation with you regarding the issues you have raised.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director

I would like so say what a fantastic team of district nurses working for you, I would like to say I have the utmost respect .
for the treatment they are showing to my partner, the care and attention they are showing her is exceptional ensuring her needs are fully met.
They explain the treatment they are about to give and always ask her and myself if we are happy to have the treatment they are about to give and the whole time are telling her what they are doing, they have always given the greatest of care and consideration while carrying out any treatment in a very dignified manor.
I would like to say the care that is being provided by the nurses is second to none and in my opinion could not be faulted.
When we have need your out of hours team they have been just as committed as the day staff, I would like to say thank you to all the staff looking after my partner including Melrose who has shown concern not only to my partner but also myself.
I would just like to add if anyone complains about the team you are sending to us tell them to get a life or just send them around to me.
Again I will never be able to thank your staff enough for the way they are looking after my partner.

Dear John

Thank you for the complimentary comments about the District Nurses.

I understand that the nurses have been caring for your partner, jointly with the nurses from the Palliative Care Team.

I will pass on your comments to the District Nursing Team and also to the Palliative Care Team. The nurses really appreciate that you have taken the time to post such positive feedback, and I am pleased that your partner received the best quality care from a dedicated, skilled and compassionate team.

Best wishes

Connie Greig
Service Lead for District Nursing and Long Term Conditions

My young adult son (with a number of diagnoses) was referred to the mental health service by his GP to get support and his diagnoses re-evaluated. You cancelled or forgot 3 assessment appointments in a row before he was finally seen on try number 4 (you had even tried to change it again and I said NO) He saw a male nurse who told him he didn't fit the criteria and was unlikely to be helped or even see the psychiatrist (which had been requested). He was told that he would be discussed and have the result in 2 weeks. That was 2.5 months ago in early Nov. He has never heard anything from you. I act as his carer for the DWP so am fully conversant with what he needs. I also have 40 years of nursing behind me. This is not the first time you have let him down. He self referred to Bromley Healthcare Talk together. They will not take him on because you are 'Helping him'. REALLY. They took just 2 days to reply, you've had over 2 months. He asks me if he is supposed to try suicide or some such to get help from you . I totally understand his frustration. You wont help but are stopping another company helping. Why ?

Dear Athena

I was sorry to read about your son’s experience of our service.

I have contacted you by email in the hope of getting your son’s details so that I can look into it further.

Kind regards

Estelle Frost
Service Director

For many years I had a tailor's bunion on the side of my foot. It caused little inconvenience until a corn developed on top of it. My chiropodist removed this but could not get the wound to heal. My GP referred me to the Podiatry Service at Manorbrook Medical Centre. Here, I was seen on 31 Oct, by Emma Pearce who cleaned the wound, treated me for infection and referred me to the orthopaedic surgeon at QEH. I was seen by the latter on 18 Dec, put on the trauma list and my foot was operated on and the bunion removed on 24 Dec. The stitches have now been removed and Emma well satisfied with the result. Naturally, I am very well satisfied with my whole treatment by the Podiatry Service. I cannot praise Emma enough for her speed and efficiency in getting my infected foot treated. It is now better than it has been for years.

Dear Margaret

Thank you for taking the time to leave your lovely comments on the trust website regarding your experience with Podiatry at Manor Brook Medical Centre.

I am very pleased that Emma was able to facilitate an efficient, positive and rapid resolution to your problematic tailor's bunion.

I will be sure to pass on your comments to Emma and the podiatry team as a whole.

Kind regards

Catherine Edmeades
Head of Profession Podiatry.

I generally receive a good service when attending this clinic despite a typical wait time of 2 hours.
I have to agree with a previous comment that it is extremely unfair to have a men only clinic on a Saturday. The men only clinic should be moved to during the week like the women only clinic and the Saturday should be mixed. I often have to book a day off to attend the clinic as my doctors won't place an implant any more.
Also, tried to ring the clinic for advice and no answer. The phone just randomly cuts off. I would like to know if you have an appointment system of whether it's walk in only?

Dear Rebekah

Thank you for your comments; we are always pleased to receive feedback from clients who use our service and based on earlier comments, we are looking at ways to offer real-time updates on remaining walk-in slots during the week, and whether we can change one evening walk-in to offer some bookable appointments.

We are also planning to ask all women who attend the Thursday morning women-only walk in service if they have a preferred day/time.​

We currently offer women-only bookable appointments specifically for Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) on a Monday morning and on a Thursday evening, as well as the women-only walk in service on Thursday mornings.

All our opening times and walk in/appointment timetable are available on the GSH website - see

Kind regards

Alec Sutton
Manager of CASH and Community Gynaecology

My partner, who is a diabetic, injured his foot at the beginning of December. After a few days we were referred to Manor Brook Podiatry clinic and received excellent treatment and advice from Emma Pearce. His foot has now healed and we are grateful for their advice and follow up. This is an excellent service.

Dear Marion

Many thanks for your positive feedback about your recent encounter with the community podiatry team at Manor Brook Medical Centre.

I am delighted that Emma provided excellent care to your partner and that his diabetic foot injury has healed without complication.

Emma has been a valued member of our team for many years and is very experienced and highly skilled. The podiatry service as a whole always strive for excellence so I will be sure to pass on your lovely comments to them.

With kind regards

Catherine Edmeades
Head of Profession Podiatry.

I am a final year undergraduate student in Psychology, looking to gain some experience before I move on to further study in child clinical psychology. I was wondering if any of the CAMHS services in Bromley offer any form of work experience for final year students who are very serious about pursuing a career in the field?

I look forward to hearing form you,

Kind regards,

Dear Martyna

We welcome interest from students wishing to gain work experience in CAMHS.

For Bromley CAMHS, please contact Jasmine Randhawa, Placements Co-ordinator at

Kind regards

Lesley French
Clinical Director and Head of Psychology, Children and Young People's Services

I have been asked to return a call regarding my son. I have rung numerous times and got the automated reply telling me to hold as "my call is important and will b answered" . I wait on hold with the same message repeating then just get cut off. I have had this happen continually for 5 attempts now. If there is nobody there to take the call please state that rather than just cutting me off .

Dear Elaine

I am so sorry to hear about your problems with our telephone system. I have asked the admin manager at Yeoman House to arrange for you to be contacted about the issue regarding your son.

On Monday she will look into the problems you describe with the phones and report any faults to the provider.

Many thanks for bringing this to our attention and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Kind regards

Estelle Frost
Service Director

My child is 7 she is wetting the bed nearly every night and more than once a night she says she can not feel it

Dear Daisie

We can offer an appointment at one of our clinics for you and your daughter. We will contact you directly with details.

Please see the new website for our drop in sessions across Greenwich:

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director of C & Y P Services

Got an assessment only to be told that I cannot benefit from counselling with you guys.
I don't know where to go to now, I can't afford a therapist...

Dear Camille

I am really sorry to hear about your experience with our service.

I will contact you shortly to discuss your concerns.

Best wishes

Dr Stavros Markatselis
Deputy Clinical Lead
Greenwich Time to Talk (IAPT) service.

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