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I've been to the clinic a few times and generally it was good, but the last 2 times I've come in 2018, the clinic has been in shambles. My most recent visit today, I had an initial assessment for contraception at 12:45pm. at 1:10pm I was called over by the receptionist and told my slot was at 2:20pm so I could go out and come back. I went out and came back promptly at 2pm. By 2:45pm I had still not been seen, so I went up to reception. After taking my name, the receptionist proceeded to angrily ask "where have you been?!" And pretty much tell me off because she and the nurse had called my name multiple times at 1:45pm. I explained if the receptionist had actually told me the correct time for my slot I would have been here, and was only away because I was told I could leave as my slot wasn't for another hour. All in all, poor service, clumsy mistakes, and staff angry at me for their mistakes. I will be going anywhere else I possibly can that isn't Market Street clinic

Dear Sarah

I am sorry your experience was not up to our usual standard and I will work with the service to understand what happened on this occasion and how we can improve.

We value all feedback so appreciate you have taken the time to let us know.

I hope you will continue to use our services at Market Street.

Kind regards

Lisa Thompson
Associate Director, Greenwich Community Services

My son is a mental patient in Millbrook ward, who is very badly in need of services of a Psychologist. There is only one Psychologist who handles over 20 patients or more, for the last six months no Psychologist therapy was given to my son due to lack of therapists. It would be helpful for all the patients as well, who need this therapy be provided by increasing numbers of psychologist service in this ward.

Other services provided by the staff are excellent.

I am sorry to have read your comments, it will be helpful to make contact with you to discuss this.

Can you please contact our PALS office so we can arrange a meeting or a telephone call to get further details to enable us investigate your concern.

Their number is 0800 917 7159.

Kind regards

Francis Adzinku
Head of Nursing, Bexley

I have just had an excellent experience with the Podiatric Surgery Centre at the Garland Road Health Centre and the Fairfield Centre.
Christian Vaughan-Spruce saw me promptly and after a thorough discussion advised surgery on my ingrowing toenails.
His concerns about my blood pressure led me to see my GP and get that under control so he could operate safely.
He gave me an extremely detailed information sheet which answered pretty much all the questions I might have had and especially what to do before and after the operation.
The operation itself was performed swiftly and precisely, but following all the hygiene protocols.
In the 3 days since the operation I have been entirely - unexpectedly - pain free and am already all but completely mobile again.
The follow-up this morning with Caryn Mortimer was equally unfussy and pleasant - under the circumstances.
It remains to be seen how successful the operation has been, but the process has been painless so far - and with their better than national average success rate, I am optimistic.
Thank you Christian and Caryn.

Dear Chris,

Many thanks for your lovely feedback about your recent nail surgery experience. I am delighted that both Christian and Caryn provided you with an excellent service and that you found the whole experience pleasant and pain free. I am particularly happy to read they were thorough in their pre and post operative care.

The nail surgery team always strive for excellence so I am pleased this is what you experienced.

Thank you once again for taking the time to pass on your positive comments.

With kind regards

Catherine Edmeades - Head of Profession Podiatry.

My Gran is hesitant to speak to any healthcare professionals about her incontinence - she currently buys her own pads online and really likes the brand; if she were to come to you guys, would you be able to offer the same products she likes for free?
Many thanks,

Dear Amy

Thank you for contacting us.

Our Continence team of Specialist nurses will be able to asses your Gran’s needs and provide products appropriately from our agreed formulary.

We run clinics in sites across the borough and also can visit your Gran at home if she is housebound.

The team can be contacted via the Central Access team on 020 8320 3550.


Connie Greig
Clinical Lead for District Nursing and Long Term Conditions, Greenwich

I had nail fold surgery this week on both sides of both my big toes. Caryn and her helper were friendly, professional and a credit to this service. Christian did the initial assessment and he too was very thourough, making sure he contacted my specialist due to being treated for cancer. My one critiscm is that the admin can be a bit chaotic at times but the people are all lovely.
The staff are very dedicated and professional and I was happy to have received a service from them.
Thank you for your care and diligence.

Dear Kes

Many thanks for you comments regarding your recent experience with the nail surgery team. We are all delighted things went well and apologies for any confusion with your admin' experience.

At that time we were undergoing changes in the telephone communication system and alteration of contact details and numbers so it appears this was the cause of any slight hiccups. This has now been fully resolved and I'm confident that should you need to contact the team at any point in the future the communication will be seamless.

Many thanks again for taking time to comment on your experience.

Kind regards

Andrew Macfarlane
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon and Clinical Lead

I would like to know why the only intensive psychiatric care Ward and rehabilitation service available to Bromley residents is at Shooters Hill, Woolwich. The present, available, service is not good enough.

Dear Elsie

Thank you for your enquiry. I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with the location of our psychiatric intensive care and rehabilitation units.

The trust in conjunction with Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich CCG partners makes decisions about service provision.

For more specialist services such as the ones you mention, there is insufficient demand to justify having units based in each borough.

In these circumstances, the units accept patients from all three local boroughs. This allows us to provide focussed and expert care for our patients.

Kind regards

Pauline Kenny
Service Manager

Dear Team,

I recently had surgery on my toe.

My assessment was done by Caryn and my procedure was done by Christopher and a student. I will like to thank Caryn, for making me feel at ease and did all she could to reassure me. Christopher and the student did a good job on the day, they made sure i was calm and spoke to me in a manner that i liked.

Both Caryn and Christopher, saw me on time each visit. They never made me feel like just a number, they did not rush me, they made me feel welcomed and even laughed at my jokes.

Am really satisfied with their service. Keep up the good work.

Good luck.

Dear Eve,

Many thanks for your lovely feedback about your nail surgery experience. I am delighted that Caryn and Christian provided an excellent service for you and looked after you well. We all aim to provide an outstanding service, and an experience that we would like to receive ourselves and am pleased the team did just that for you.

Many thanks once again for taking the time to pass on your experience.

With kind regards

Andrew Macfarlane
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon and Clinical Lead
Podiatric Surgery Service

I am absolutely shocked at the lack of care given by this organisation
There is nowhere to turn
You ask for desperate help and it seems that these people aren’t even interested to give a diagnosis
No wonder this country is in such a state
It takes half an hour to see someone rather than months trying to get an appointment and then being rejected
Obviously people wouldnt be being referred if there wasn’t a problem
You need to start helping people

I was really impressed with the service this clinic offers. Really friendly reception staff who treat you with discretion and sensitivity. You can see how busy they are but they still fitted me in to have what i needed done. The nurse and doctor were really friendly and reassuring and put me at ease. The doctor explained everything clearly and was as gentle as she could be when doing the procedure. I apologise to the receptionist if i was a bit grumpy when i first got there and was told i may not be able to have done what i needed as they were full to capacity.....was mildly panicking! But thankfully i was seen. Was a bit of a wait but with walk in clinics with only a few hours left you expect to wait. Thank you once again!

Dear Anna

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your positive experience of using our service. We are very happy to hear how everyone from reception to clinical staff were friendly and caring.

We recognise that the procedures we offer can be quite daunting, and aim to ensure our patients are put at ease, and understand what will happen during the procedure.

Best wishes

Gerry Baker
Manager - CASH and Community Gynaecology